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  • 00:00: Greetings dear lovers knitting In this tutorial I will show how beautiful do shoulder seam when we have the product contact us proceed to its assembly and We begin it is usually sew but today I will show you how beautiful it can be do as much as possible do without needles, beautifully combine our product assemble
  • 00:31: our product, we will do shoulder seam ie collect the product at the shoulder I linked the two seam here different patterns color to well it was clear and before as we begin we need to collect serve it correctly We add them together face inside it there is at We obverse
  • 01:02: inwards seamy side out back is be from us and front end products will here to be here we should be on the spokes be the same the number of loops add them rovnenko and We proceed to the assembly Here we have two strings ie we have two different fabrics so tell us
  • 01:33: need 1 unprincipled ie without any the difference I use here pink So take third needle and start collect our product connect the shoulder seam right to introduce the spoke the first loop on first spoke and in first loop 2 spoke here so here way and provyazyvaem these 2 sts together facial remove malenechko
  • 02:04: pull on We continue in the same way again take the first loop of the first spoke and the first loop the second spoke and provyazyvaem of 2 together and shoot at 5 We spoke on the right got two loops Now we remove them on one of these spokes and provyazyvaem together front loop
  • 02:36: we've got to Right spoke one a loop go on again take on one loop with the first spoke and one loop with the second spoke provyazyvaem them together remove and then provyazyvaem these two loop them together, too, provyazyvaem like this the way we have
  • 03:08: on the right needle should always be one loop so again take the first loop with spoke first, and the first loop with the second spoke provyazyvaem them together and then provyazyvaem the two loops together first loop again
  • 03:40: spoke first, and the first loop with the second spoke provyazyvaem and provyazyvaem these two loop knit together face first again loop and provyazyvayu place below provyazyvaem together the two loops we
  • 04:10: formed here here so that's pigtail and It was not until end of the series we take on one loop with the first and spoke with the second provyazyvaem them together front and then provyazyvaem together 2 front hinge that we It is on the right spoke again the first loop
  • 04:42: otsjudova and a loop and 2 otsjudova together on the right spoke not again and 2 together the first loop of the first
  • 05:12: spoke and the first loop the second spokes provyazyvaem together remove the front loop and then provyazyvaem with two loops on Right spoke that and continue saithe end of the series
  • 05:43: 1 again, and 1 on the second and together two on the right needle and that's the way little by little we
  • 06:13: provyazyvaem all our loops collect together with the product and again the first otsjudova and the first to the second loops and needles together provyazyvaem these two hinges and here's another so a little bit 2 and 2 or 2 away so
  • 06:46: together these two place so the first loop and first loop with and a second spoke 2 loops together on the right
  • 07:16: spokes and the last so the first loop and spoke with the second spoke and 2 together and so we It was such here here's flat
  • 07:46: pigtail here we Now this has turned beautiful shoulder seam rovnenky ie our product like visa one blade is is exactly, exactly all It happened like this my beautiful joined thread cut and tighten and dressed her like
  • 08:18: so here we Reputation nice to get shoulder here and so you can easily just make beautiful shoulder seam so here it is if you like lesson place Like subscribe to
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