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Review of video of a master class in "Эффект лессировки" decoupage;. A decoupage from Anna Turchina.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Dear friends hello anna Turchina want you imagine master class effect pleating in decoupage is coming it is about the effect not only and the scaffolding itself why because we are in this master class in the most detailed manner consider four option classical glaze also we will know how to work dry brush and how dry brush get
  • 00:30: effect glaze yet we talked with you and I'll try to do cleaning you will find out what is it and how with who washed achieve an effect glaze and we will be with you engage in my beloved dense coating as I call it and with using this method we will make two variant of the screeds already under our motive the most interesting is that
  • 01:02: we will give the motive we will do two variant of the screeds so that you see how can play with colors and what you can do from them get the effect and interesting beautiful how to use them their work master class with a length of 2 and a half hour I I think you will be very useful so i'm you invite I