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  • 00:00: in the breezes you and so we We start trimming left arrow fruiting 8 tubes which I will be here formed four boom that is three arrows fruiting this is one of the ways and you are so it is very close to 1. This will
  • 00:30: we let the Guardians This vision can be either that or that is, from above Increases ground closer just do not like take 1 when we read show us channel will be large friends think through one shelf 1 missing a third It means somewhere in this I place closer I should'll answer we let it see society it falls convenient if ruining
  • 01:00: it is our arrow 1 if this is nonsense and here is the next arrow already Lilith we have as our It will be flooded all plane
  • 01:30: hazel you imagine pretends the length of which is more we are entering half or two centimeter tied first fruiting We are no longer necessary about release will be here These and type forward through a bunch of times 4 likely that this Recently, and this is need I digress
  • 02:37: half centimeter because the latter then we will have it Rhino before all these days I will cut off usually from extreme point they are very trying hard to custom ie bushes very bold sometimes inserts co2 per inflorescence vine
  • 03:07: if we are in our always the case in our in our area one region then go inflorescences reserve if two powerful how they last longer ripen this fruit here one leave so in the end bush at the end of the most At the point you can people became our the case of a man weak because of it will have extreme I suppose that even if it is very good china and well still feed these endpoints that will this poison go half again
  • 03:38: centimeter and cut it We went and that's what we It left here really we need to hide here this tie here the Russian release or courtroom let go and that's at We land Cadet one-two-three for a miracle let a spare yet Now all that As for this here places this vine that principle does not but it should have been here I have one and a half meter is not 10 nm I raised the tapestry
  • 04:09: and for some time it not on the occasion means to Does she have crayons ready to bear on wintering see how easily with the main Sleeve's sleeve and it is like an arrow fruiting on my case, and in the spring and in about to deploy and We got what it a piece of steel is not with me
  • 04:39: It will also be the fruit but I so about Statement track ends ie winter my nickname same here bound just enough for the driver enough and drop put on us here now be cut come prepared to give the possibility of the bushes and breathe down below that which favors all of us
  • 05:10: just omit just like this here will lie down used to come such pieces as well He does not want to back after putting sopro shines so some ancient just lie down and the legend that it is possible put at the end of see all these then as you see stamp it all possible let's count up a release beside
  • 05:40: how much load The activity of each arrow a serious burden on dirty varieties in different ways and by bush development I think that depends Arcadia has one will four years, she should losses extreme case
  • 06:10: We note that something hard cut Two quietly one keeps