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  • 00:00: Hello I propose to take a look the world through the eyes of dill what is a boutique robot to be dill it's when you Russian-speaking Ukrainian but hate everyone remaining Russian speakers blue fil the second jack com, here we are you do not comrade like this you see not comrades well we are also me Well, it's totally revan on this minor note
  • 00:30: let the pig not comrade listen we speak Russian yes but we are not your friend a bastard to them for the language did not pull the same he was pressed on level no one for the language pulled his right my mates so it you us not so ah you to be a tomb heresy is what Ukraine for a year now fight with a regular Russian army on Donbass is a stand armies which for one night blocked 20 thousandth groupings of Ukrainian troops of Crimea and be it with dill
  • 01:01: take the Crimea as a part ukraine and arrange an Apple be it with dill debunk the myth mode Russian propaganda that Ukrainian goods are not need countries and with a when it seems that this in fact true hate Russian media yet more will be rob this is when the middle of ukraine officially asked to give guarantees to Moscow they introduce Russian regular army in Ukraine and
  • 01:31: at the end of the message claim these troops withdraw be it with dill believe that regularly Russian the army is shelling donbass and for two years war fix only 56 people Russian citizens federation participating value of which have two and former serviceman close hot already said another fog the conflict between us type of document on the fate of Dusty Cat 6 Russians 50 through on my
  • 02:01: graphics fought and ports us The exact way to be dill it rejoice devaluation Russian ruble for the last 15 years in two forgetting about the fact that for the same time the hryvnia has become cheaper 5 times to be dill it prohibit Russian airlines flights to Ukraine and when russia will be retaliatory sanctions do not understand Why is this happening be it with dill think that
  • 02:31: referendum in Crimea on donbasse come out feykovny but the election in which they could not participate several million Ukrainians were legitimate try it hates Russia and Russian and then go there they call be it with dill name internal conflicts in the dns gangster disassembly and confrontation in the his prosecutor's office and militia paths battalions bringing order to be a tomb is
  • 03:02: believe in the fact that in the dnr go fake rubles sample of 1997 thunder and then put in head of state deer were the coffin believe that on May 2 in Odesse these themselves for message gree and on June 2 in Lugansk non-stratification exploded air conditioning to be a tomb is
  • 03:34: rename parking for which created Petr Poroshenko in the block of petra Poroshenko and in everything world we declare only three gave the old power whether it is dill believe that as only Ukrainians the pigment of the Crimea and donbass in ukraine the country will get better and finally the most the main thing is to be dill is needed with diaper hating russia and Russian do not forget those anneals
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