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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear friends today i I would like to be with you talk about this with so scary disease in general I said this epidemic 21 century, then diabetes type 2 diabetes namely the second type why because with type 1 diabetes It is clear with him at us medicine is enough successfully fights but type 2 diabetes well, we say so big
  • 00:30: complications of the world medicine today it is from him most people I would say perish this is a technique official methodology medicine that applies today honestly I do not very much like more I'm in a certain degree, I consider this method but this gently say noxious for people in general, then my even criminal by the way, and the facts I
  • 01:00: I know not one or two of such things quite a lot why type 2 diabetes because today statistics for Americans two thirds are sick obesity principle is almost a disease and one third population U.S.A america suffers type 2 diabetes 9 million children in america suffers obesity is already
  • 01:31: people well per cent on 80 diabetics in the future either now or already near future with diabetics and type 1 diabetes as minimum 2 in the future than it is scary disease but those who Ill know for those who with this not collided or not knows that he is sick we will explain itself he provokes diabetes almost all the terrible diseases
  • 02:01: which for today there is this and cardiovascular banned disease this is oncology and almost any other heavy system I would say so disease deal then that diabetes provokes disease that is he beats nude they say where it is thin there and this is breaking does diabetes this way it and terrible, and is gradually but gradually she
  • 02:31: always therefore to struggle with it it is necessary the earlier the better then why do not I like modern approach of type 2 diabetes as a rule he is treated but they even write to me why did he do it this movie is not a few people wrote that when begins to heal write out tablets well, these pills these pills people are not safe know perfectly well in america in general a lot
  • 03:01: tablets prescribes and in russia and ukraine another method to unfortunately officially medicine does not know and here in it and crime why I mean, I mean treated several times people with diabetes 2 type all I repeat one hundred percent were cured, that is, principle of type 2 diabetes you can cure yourself how will I tell you simply means that
  • 03:32: you understood those who suffers from excessive they weigh very much seriously get sick of this disease but want say that not only overweight even people who do not have overweight I may well get diabetes 2 type hence from own experience years 10 13 to 15 back and by chance was there on a visit to
  • 04:02: one resort international talked to one friends and he is sick we are talking about diabetes come on or measure it your sugar is true this was after the feast abundant but not less was enough big company in general though it was and after a feast but at I was the most high sugar to be honest, I first learned that this such and I never measured read what everything is normal for me then so well in general
  • 04:32: after that I started this issue seriously i have excess of sugar was yes i in units I will not talk about that in different strange I will say different things so interest on thirty times higher than there must be a figure for us not deadly well quite seriously what did I do and a bunch of short time I create problem coped as I repeat to you now I will tell further the same was true for
  • 05:03: my loved ones friends and relatives relatives are shorter all this problem decided all who wanted to this is the most important thing who wanted a solution there is but just want say know is options are people which cure quite hard especially those who are very has long suffered why I because this system does not works about which I'll tell you why that this system is already
  • 05:33: injured number of organs and systems life that already so to say and they affect the situation and not the diabetes understand that there is this that I will tell it very good and is necessary control people middle-aged young or in those with who has diabetes just this way say begins and exceeds my breast up to 30 40 percent
  • 06:04: there is already more difficult you can try in any variant it's all about doing everything It is necessary to do but only the result may be not as good as each of you I would like to be here only so what to do about anyone needs it then there is this will allow you slow down and slow down here is the regress of your organism or
  • 06:34: progress of the disease and so I want at once To say recently I exhibited the film as Lose Weight Lose Weight With Well so here's the basis and so as not to repeat watch this movie everything is right there said with several additions of two completely necessary give up sugar completely diabetic patients are completely completely refuse
  • 07:04: from flour products from flour of the highest grade bread only whole grains and go go to cereals on the purse only natural where common there is no such grinding technical processing so to speak shallow there is no higher flour variety where available food fibers general what do you understand they
  • 07:35: by the way it helps with Christie's role is his what there is a double benefit now from the world of meat my friends are those who suffers from diabetes 2 type you need be sure be sure how you can use more fish replace meat with fish and recommends that Well, well, I do not have a fresh tour. there is an opportunity no, at least you
  • 08:05: take canned periodically but in own juice that is, without fat own juice Tuna and then all the rest sea ​​fish can be even the river quality is not call is not write me that we have I have a bad ring here you will not help me at all that is, choose good as you are choose here sorry everyone has his own head on the shoulders of this I can not ask a question nothing to help further on food if I
  • 08:35: I speak for lose weight easily lose weight once a week You can afford the pie is a cake small one like this piece of cake then for those who have type 2 diabetes once a month, not once in a week once a month completely exclude sugar, reduce to minimum salt in general watch this movie everything is said there from products still mean
  • 09:07: except there and translate meat into fish if the fish you meat can be I repeat this week not more than 50 grams per times in 1 now strongly I recommend beets beets at least 3 once a week listen to me and u you will be the result be sure to eat radish now spring when i record
  • 09:39: this film will go radish to consume and radishes more often and well vegetables now necessarily an ax boom everyone knows what is an ax mundo Here it is from the products then what should you do not include this means that together every day you should all this is one day axes would be second day beet sweat radish cabbage Well and so on especially want warn friends and do not get carried away juices especially fresh everyone loves to continue but
  • 10:10: patients with diabetes 2 type and 1 the best is not to drink it there are also vegetables the reason is there too food fiber fresh when you drink juice there directly Very high glucose load food now passepartout passport in the film how to lose weight
  • 10:43: I told you minimum 40 minutes here who is already sick and sick at least 80 here whatever you want, that is, I I understand every hour will tell oh where to me it all there time to find especially those who working friends who wants it finds everything this is our stupidity The main problem is laziness is too lazy and it's in general then everything normal people this and know and understand do not search so to speak reasons and look
  • 11:16: options therefore here it is most important and I do not speak to even Running Enough quick walk it ideal for all in any I already have you spoke here in America two thirds suffer obesity one third suffers type 2 diabetes in Russia can be a little better
  • 11:46: not much so have this in view of if you will here to perform these my recommendations for nutrition and sport I you guarantee through two to three months the results will be the results will be like minimum at least you will reduce use tablets but in general if you have type 2 diabetes especially in the initial stage, then there is not very
  • 12:16: off scale refuse completely at the black but for the first time I say this on my own channels but trust me yes yes the reason is not in this will reduce fat consumption products as a minimum use twice the more I strongly I recommend here tell me to do porridge different including Here and porridge is admissible with milled but there there is an omega-3 very useful then these are the things
  • 12:46: make porridge with linen not because of one thing flax you combine very often I'm doing a combination grinding or he in coffee grinder and do with some other I am very like though of course for a lover of sugar not add or by the very minimum and salt and less if you do it make my friends the result will be The result will be that I can advise
  • 13:16: then well, garlic friends need to use a number in in one form or another be sure must use and the last I have there is a movie alive vitamins are more often take germinated grains will be living vitamins watch the movie do it very much it's easy for you to I will say we assume in the Western countries germinated grain is worth tens times more expensive than most
  • 13:46: expensive fruits and this it is no accident for the good I agree but at a price you know the price inadequate to any of you can germinate first home cheap especially now especially in Ukraine that is the situation which people are there found themselves buying fruit of course very expensive so friends do not feed these the current government to Scarring I Ukrainians in the first queue generally to all
  • 14:16: addresses the first turn to Ukrainians me to dress and half Ukrainians therefore not particularly heart hurts Ukrainians and Ukrainians first think whom do you elect in power and secondly it means that here secure oneself vitamins this is all concerns do germinate and true grain natural start ordinary peas whole green
  • 14:46: peas and finishing any others what Well, watch the movie this is all this we tell how grow live vitamins that is it and cheaply and maximally useful especially for those who are here diabetes suffer including although this is useful for of all Well, the last thing the latter as well as for weight loss Dear friends means keep in mind that if you will be able to constant stress
  • 15:16: you will not help either this is also very important detail by the way from cholesterol am the same it's as if it's coming out they adhered to and with diabetes you must control nerves you must control their mental state psychoemotional for this perfect option is meditation but if you want someone prayer
  • 15:46: but what I give again I repeat visualization is what there is on my channel use it positive attitude positive emotions this is extremely positively affect your health is what I you wanted to say I hope this is for you will help orient oneself I repeat on the initial stage is not take pills just plant kidney liver if here and not even those who
  • 16:18: Type 1 diabetes is simple I will give one example they are engaged in hockey professionally may be aware of Canadian Association professionally there is the player whose Type 1 diabetes it generally can not live without pricks but when he is engaged in sports on It is not collected at all makes injections you see, that is muscles directly completely absorbs sugar though they are there eat well and calorie here is this
  • 16:48: how obvious to you example that even with type 1 diabetes doing sports for him observing here those advice he gave you can at least 7 network must dose insulin well for the second type is only decision repeat the pill you will only kill Well at the same time I want to you say goodbye wish you everything best well and I hope we are with you
  • 17:19: I'll meet you again will be healthy all of you best of luck good mood and to your life always everything worked out goodbye to new meetings