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Hairpin with strawberry \/ the Strawberry Hairpin for the Hair \/ Master class - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:06: Hello, my dear friends! Here I am again, Alina Boloban. We continue to create beautiful decoration of different ribbons in Kanzashy style. Today we do for you the video in which we will use such strawberries. We made this strawberries in the last video. What else we need today? Today we need such corded silk ribbon (4*4 cm or 1*1,7 inches).
  • 00:35: We need various green ribbons for our leaves. We take not only corded silk ribbon but also satin ribbon of different tinctures. We use this method for beauty and harmony of our composition. We also take yellow corded silk ribbon or satin ribbon for the core of our flower.
  • 01:03: We may also take bead. That is all what we need today. We can start our work. Let’s start with flower. Today we will make small flower,that is easy in making. We will make this flower with such petals. Firstly, we take a piece of ribbon and make simple round petal “Kanzashy” of it. Let’s bunch. Then bunch once again and again. Then you need to straighten.
  • 01:37: Tips must be equals. Then press with fingers backward. Now we are cutting our ribbon. We have to cut a little. Let’s cauterize with lighter. Then straighten with fingers. Also you need to cut back-end to straighten our petal.
  • 02:00: As a result we have such round petal. But this is not all. It will be in the form of heart. It will be in the form of heart. We start to cauterize our petal. But do it carefully. This action is done with help of our fingers.
  • 02:31: As a result we have such petal. We need five petals. We have to make the core and leaves before creating all composition. We need corded silk ribbon (width-0,6 cm). Now we have to put together this ribbon in the thread. We have to put together enough quantity of ribbon for making a core after that.
  • 03:14: . You can use a ribbon with width of 1cm. This is also will be ok. I put together 15 cm of ribbon and obtain such small core.
  • 03:42: I think that is will be enough. Let’s fasten and cut. We do not need a lot of ribbon to create such core.
  • 04:06: Now we will create leaves. Firstly, we have to make such leaves of this ribbon (5cm). You can take ribbon of different tinctures. But I chose such tincture to blend in with the core. What we do? We have to make something like waves. We do such waves on the other side.
  • 04:40: If you can not do it equally on the both sides, try to do it more or less identically. As a result we have such leaf. Then straighten carefully with help of lighter.
  • 05:13: We straighten edges and now we have to do this left more natural. We have to bunch and straighten with help of lighter to do such veins of our leaf.
  • 05:39: Our leaf is ready. I made 3 leaves for one hairpin. Also I cut such pieces of ribbons.
  • 06:00: These pieces have to be of various size (from 6 cm to 10 cm). Also these pieces can be of corded silk ribbon and satin ribbon (width-from 0,6 cm to 1 cm). Then we take a piece of corded silk ribbon (2.5 cm). We can do interesting leaf with help of cooper or scissors. Then we cut and then fasten edges.
  • 06:42: As a result we have such leaf. We do the same kind of thing with this piece. Then you can press with help of fingers or pincers.
  • 07:00: Our leaf is ready. And then you have to cut these pieces obliquely. You have to prepare all pieces in the same way. If you will prepare them in this manner they will look more harmonically.
  • 07:31: . that you understand what to do with leaves. All components are ready. Let’s gather them together. We need one hairpin. Also we need basis of felt for our flower. The basis of felt is 3 cm in diameter. Let’s burn the glue gun.
  • 10:38: All is ready, dear friends. We made such beautiful hairpin. As you can see, making this hairpin is very easy. You can think that it will be difficult but it's not like that. I also used such accessories: rhinestones, ladybird. You can choose other accessories.
  • 11:00: Also you can do the core of rhinestones. All depends on your fantasy. The slice of felt on the backside of hairpin is smaller than in the external face. But this is not a big problem. I hope that my master class will be useful for you and you like it.
  • 11:31: Put “like” and write your comments of my interesting headband. If you did not subscribe for my channel Alina Boloban, please subscribe. I have a lot of interesting things for lovers of Kanzashy and flowers of ribbon. We’ll meet in the next master class. Try, create and everything will work out well. See you. Bye.