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Gingerbread HONEY. present ancient recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today with you are Marina Momoko and we will cook real honey carpet I tried very much many recipes are different recipes I could not come to what I like it because how there is no that taste which was before it turned out that y I have a book here she is this book once she told me she was already she is 65 years old
  • 00:30: output of here it is, this is the honey mug I found in her this prescription decided cook so I prepared before showing recipes i usually i I'll try it myself at home on their loved ones like it or not look she very soft tender airy and tastes the most important thing is that
  • 01:02: taste it as it was before when I will be I'm glad if you need this recipe like and so let's prepare what for it will take 150 gram of honey 150 grams of sugar 1 egg 1 tea spoon baking powder 2 cups flour cinnamon ground on tip knife
  • 01:32: also in the recipe it is proposed to burned sugar mixture here he is this burnt sugar I made openwork sugar so two tablespoons of sugar cauterize on a frying pan add one tablespoon some water boiled but can be a minute and here I am merged here and so in a glass of eggs for to lubricate
  • 02:04: well, in principle all you can start to cooking everything is possible ingredients you need mixed together in one calyx all rubbing
  • 02:51: whisk just mixed thoroughly and then add flour flour I added immediately since in the recipe was 2 a glass of flour I immediately have two glasses and added us to Peru it was beautiful dough turns out viscous so when you will be at the end already
  • 03:22: knead better spoon strange what does it feel like dough is obtained as wet sand I thought at first that will not work so tasty you are but wrong now it is necessary to shift all form I do not have a form I grease though in
  • 03:52: prescription it is written that grease a mold sprinkle flour with me Teflon sheet it's good that Teflon sheet and started sell it very much conveniently it is a pity that they lose their color and presentable but I do not think so it is important how important help from these sheets nothing sticks and it is convenient in work shift the dough after we
  • 04:22: shifted his dough need to be leveled by form after I dispelled and I whisk an egg and abundantly grease the whole dough after that we need a fork we carry out a fork
  • 04:52: grooves all the dough is ready for order to send it into the oven I make very thinly
  • 05:23: it turned out like cookies you can to make with a stuffing layer of dough filling and again the test bed but I advise first try out cook precisely as in the original recipe and then decide how you are better off stuffing or without we send in an oven preheated at 200 degrees of minutes at 15-20 it is baked also very fast here such a mime we have
  • 05:54: the head remains to remove please teflon and gingerbread hot bathing soft soft ready I think that even for
  • 06:25: honey cakes can be and south to do cream then pleasant to you tea drinking try to make its I think to you very much enjoy invites you subscribe to my youtube channel and you you will always see my new videos recipes I all of you I will be very glad health to you and your close