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  • 00:00: Hello I have today can show crochet this hat we will knit polustolbik with sc whether or not to sc yarn I have to come to Thailand and the hook 8 millimeters start knitting fairy loop hook insert in anchoring loop
  • 00:34: air and see Now 8 polustolbikov signs sc in this here circle or a circle doing sc and the hook through the circle Pulling at the top q I have three loops on the hook and the first string stretches across all three tabs here obtained
  • 01:06: polustolbik with sc again in a circle stretch thread up and stretch across all three eyelets and the like that should continue to knit be 8 polustolbikov leave this fabulous feather here I was 8
  • 01:37: columns with sc and Now we pull blue thread and prolonged work 1 mu just another thread in color and such as a marker and We will knit more
  • 02:07: polustolbiki with sc and will allow each loop means that 2 with the knit polustolbika sc in each loop do sc hook next st we extend our world
  • 02:44: Again, these genes trip hook want numbers 3 and 2 more polustolbik the same loop and so the further says 1 polustolbik and sc 2
  • 03:15: and so here is the end a number I we can have
  • 03:48: 16 May be then like this and now the brand
  • 04:31: or another here to know when Now ends
  • 05:01: we are the second in the second number and then that will add every 2 Peter Now the first means I see through 2 loops here we were binding polustolbik with sc and the second loop 2 column with sc
  • 05:31: The following is only one bands complex Kiba and Feb. 2 with polustolbika sc the next 5 and a second 2
  • 06:06: and so on in Third, I will not allow each third hinge in giving birth to the fourth porridge Chernobyl, etc. and knit to the point or you are the right size the volume of the cap it turns two
  • 06:37: less than a centimeter the volume of the head and then I would oblige even month my work and so It looks at me volume 54 centimeters from head I mean 56 and 23 and now less than a meter we will simply continue knit with polustolbik sc not allow will not just
  • 07:08: then knit and so on, and to when the length of the enough for the head just wear look or not enough you can also see you and a front then knit pricing long will hang
  • 07:38: behind us and still we have We will knit 2 rows bars without nakida I you'll show that too also just eat of the place and of for length when enough for all head here and so have I already Reputation
  • 08:11: look here Here you can see a step and to this is not visible to us you need to start and to complete a number of this provyazyvayu fixing pandiculation We learned of the loop and through the loop on the
  • 08:43: hook and knitting Air loop here we will start to series and now we knit columns without hook in sc next st We stretch the thread 3 loops on the hook with me who can be against through these two loops, etc. and knit in a circle to
  • 09:16: the place where we started here my last loop where marker and here we It was fixing it It was air loop and now the hook here paste and Now fasten one air loop turn the work and knit the same columns
  • 09:48: without sc until the last loop here together around here is the last row I was ready Now you can nick
  • 10:18: cut and cut and consolidate Putin's In this someone was air loop we we turned stretch thread
  • 10:52: sekretiki now I studied mk last loop so here and it can be hide here work and then Beanie is ready