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  • 00:00: cooking jam from gooseberry with juniper berry here i have red gooseberry it happens and red and green and yellow today me here is such a delete quick stems and remains inflorescence then I cut in half add sugar juniper berry and all I have today is 500
  • 00:31: grams of gooseberry to this number I add 300 grams sugar sugar sand because gooseberries sweet if mode a little bit is not ripe and or sour make one to one by 500 grams gooseberries 500 grams of sugar large ones they cut I will throw the big whole add 300 grams
  • 01:03: granulated sugar and put it on the stove to accelerate process cooking jam should be added 50 milliliters of water and add basic ingredient main romantic ingredient is juniper berry look at 500 grams
  • 01:35: gooseberry enough is 10 berries if you add more she will perish taste of gooseberry I wait when it dissolves granulated sugar literally two or three minutes will leave and all and you can spread ready-made jam in bank Well, here gooseberry I was boiling and already literally boiled three minutes of this enough to so that all vitamins remained my jam
  • 02:05: I transfer to the bank previously implemented 15 minutes for a couple Well, look what a beautiful it turned out jam close the jar very fragrant the jam turned out I put aside I cover with a rag and I let him cool down then after
  • 02:35: it will cool down either in the cellar or in the closet or in refrigerator where she is will be kept by you up to 1 year