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How many it is necessary furs for knitting of a cap - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:08: hi friends with you studio a very recently One of my clients perished mink fur coat and she was Here's a piece of it asked will there be enough of this piece knitting head I want to dress today
  • 00:30: show you how to identify and learn fur consumption Now I will tell you how to understand enough for you given to laughter hat whether or not we are preparing pieces of fur that have we stayed We add them in two layer so
  • 01:11: Now we are like to depict the future hat that is, one party hats and second party hats we know that the size of our client and 57 57 divide half It turns 28
  • 01:31: half centimeters we take ticker watch where we have 28 centimeters looking enough if Fur length have to enough height caps about 22 centimeters so As well as here I here a little smaller but based on the fact that I tried on all here at
  • 02:00: me a piece I understand everything that I fur enough ie binding is approximately as much fur how and sewing so here you Think if or above and e.g. hat's fur this would be enough for you fur sewing on caps if you know that enough yes eg cap here so you know that enough fur
  • 02:30: means and stud if not enough suffice it unlikely you enough for mating With regards to this short rusty fur if we are talking about the forest or a fox or a pizza which pile there can be long knit that is rarely 10 holes at me Now somewhere in one
  • 03:00: centimeter that is, in one centimeter two cells this is how it knitting fox and checks can be make larger and therefore consumption It will be a little less but Still about here as well as for tailoring yes that is the volume caps should be the same number and fur binding