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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive Welcome to my kitchen today I will cook Sour cream cake Bear very simple home very tender and very delicious part of the cake Hardly ever butter but But a lot of sour cream and it enters composition and cakes
  • 00:31: The cream that making a cake in such a gentle and home here so gentle about spot cream recipe old it from my culinary school notebook and I you have repeatedly It showed in the first place here of course the cake napoleon on second cake saffron but on the third Sour cream cake Bear I eventually
  • 01:01: little changed recipe to talk about it in the cooking and cake so my dear start for us cakes need for recipe 2 cups sour cream, I took 500 gram can be use sour cream any fat than fatter but the tastier I usually take 20 also tiprotsentnuyu need 2 cups sugar I took 450 g 2 cups flour but I take a little flour More to the dough were thicker, I took 400
  • 01:31: gram flour 3 tablespoons tablespoons of cocoa powder I this time took 15 grams of cocoa and need for Prescription 2 tablespoons tablespoons butter oils I took 50 grams butter and a bag of 10 grams baking powder for test in the original Soda is used but I usually cook with baking powder mix flour and baking powder butter melt the mix sour cream and
  • 02:03: add sugar melted butter and more good times stir no my dear beating not nuzh will be enough just good stir the most important in this stage to the sugar at we practically fully I disappeared and all my dear to us will just stir in the flour and for dark cakes add cocoa powder to to equalize consistency dark and light dough
  • 02:33: I put it off a little exactly the amount of flour as much as I cocoa took 3 tablespoons Spoon the rest add flour and the mixture of sour cream quickly knead soft dough long knead knead the dough is not necessary here the most important thing to achieve uniformity of It will help enough more with prolonged kneading test can delayed resulting cakes will turn tight and also do not forget that in the test have baking powder and
  • 03:03: he begins his work since kneading therefore we act quickly knead dough quickly but This course follow to avoid nor about the meat so the test is not It remains strong computers here is not stiff dough I turned in resulting dough We share some half we will have in the light and dark shortcakes and then one half we add
  • 03:35: deferred flour and the other half Cocoa powder stir and immediately my dear begin bake cakes because the test baking powder and he had It began its work well, here is a very soft dough obtained due to roll a dough and therefore can not be I adapted forming at shortcakes a conventional bags for we need three
  • 04:05: conventional polyethylene food packages I cut the dough expanded in packages divide it approximately equal to 3 parts We collect the package edge a result of the center it turns out that's a uzelochek with dough forming cakes from I bake them directly on the paper
  • 04:35: optionally baking can be used form if you bake form you must first grease cream oil and sprinkle flour disclose uzelochek turn over and rapid movement place it on the center of the paper baking so or just hands because the dough is very soft and pliable or using rolling pin roll out our dough most ideas
  • 05:05: important to follow We had the dough distributed evenly to the cake we turned uniform of thickness validated against I bear Vera diameter 26 ie centimeters I will shortcakes diameter 26 centimeters carefully remove film bake cakes previously heated to 190-200 degrees Celsius oven until cooked that is, the dough should
  • 05:35: You propechsya and up light golden Skin rapidly literally 8-10 minutes is the most main shortcakes not not dry up overexpose oven not Perepech dough it should propechsya should not remain raw but at the same time not need it perederzhivat the oven does not need wait for the cakes strongly for gold otherwise they will get dry and dense and as dry tight you come in resulting cake immediately
  • 06:06: after baking the dough circumcision by merochki pruning and postpone they collect us useful for crumbs cake paper does not show we remove wait when it is fully then cool down carefully separate greaseproof paper exactly the same
  • 06:38: way bake dark dough cakes I divided into three parts I laid out according to the same thus sachets and just when help us bag Put the dough on a greaseproof paper forming the cake and so We bake in the same previously heated to 190-200 degrees Celsius oven until cooked dark baked cake
  • 07:08: about the same amount of time as light cake but visually identify willingness dark cake so difficult baking light cakes I have I recommend pinpoint time needed for then baking the cake at that time already navigate with dark baking cakes immediately after baking skins are cut off at merochki give cool completely and gently remove from paper sheet baking collected cutting each
  • 07:39: dried and then grind into crumbs which we will use for Cake decoration for cream we need fat sour cream a fat content above 30 percent to its could whip with sugar resistant cream on This time I took 20-kilogram cream percent fat content and it weighed 5 hours at room temperature four layers of cheesecloth result, she received almost 700 gram gentlest
  • 08:09: Guests shek and sour cream and Serum I I will be used to baking pancakes other natural and so my recipe dear to us cream It needs 500-700 gram thick cream sugar I took to taste cup powdered sugar You can take more less I chopped nuts It took 100 grams of walnuts but you can take other nuts can take them longer less than that is also on the taste cake decorating we need prepared before
  • 08:39: chippings and a little grated chocolate literally 20 crane and so my dear cream We whisk the sour cream and gradually add sugar morning meat methane so dense that it does not even need shoot down enough a stir with sugar and passing I wanted to say sour cream very simple it Hardly ever Secrets are the most important to sour It was cold fat and qualitative and then literally
  • 09:10: five minutes you will have Prepare delicious the most delicate sour cream Cream is very desirable silicon kill otherwise, instead of whipped sour cream you get oil my school recipe by the way cream needed take a glass of sour cream two-thirds cup sugar in my opinion so many creams would be manifestly enough so I his cook and much more my dear, we will only collect our cake each cake generously
  • 09:40: promazyvayut sour cream sprinkle with chopped nuts, if desired you can sprinkle with grated chocolate gathering alternately dark and bright cakes to We had a beautiful cake after the cut as the cake is assembled we will need to be sure to give him to soak up sour cream made our cakes more tender and tastier for this cake leave at room
  • 10:10: I usually temperature I leave for 45 hours but You can leave and longer time of up to 12 hours to cake we well soaked and then I put away the cake in Refrigerator give him cool completely and can be supplied to the tea missed the mark cream cream top and sides cake and decorate the cake on their own optional center of the cake I I will sprinkle grated
  • 10:40: chocolate or order to the border was more clear I will use suitable cap put its diameter exact center of the cake free edge Waking them chopped nuts beads decorate grit remove the lid We wake cake grated chocolate and all my dear our Sour cream cake Bear
  • 11:11: necessarily ready give him soak assumed that sour cream cakes tastes better on the second day, and we call all the tea Cake turns out very very gentle home very tasty and so my dear our
  • 11:52: Sour cream cake Bear I remain ready traditional Pryatnogo prepare tea hope that he It will surprise you and a couple of thanks that were with I watched the video and all you very, very current