Connection of a thread. Hunting and weaver's knots (in video a mistake: not the weaver's, but mother-in-law's knot) - YouTube is represented  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello today we'll consider the strongest all that for themselves He opened called hunting site for to his tie we need one thread form from it to loop the short end was 2 strings below and we forming a
  • 00:31: loop but the short end, we leave the top further impose these two petelechki one other and tying upper tip missing in ring capturing both strings of the same do reduced capturing both girls
  • 01:01: tying him tighten He turned the knife hunting cook further prune
  • 01:33: tips and cut off at the very Zero is not even leaving one millimeter Now let compare it with the loom node to start will be tying loom impose one hand thread run
  • 02:04: continue using the long end upper thread we form a loop In the way that she lay down on the short end of this marry and the short end boil like this it looks and the end 2 filaments were passed in resulting
  • 02:35: the top five stretch the already pretty Other
  • 03:08: but circumcision tip desirable not get involved ie some we millimetrik reserve so the upper min Hunter's Bend
  • 03:41: lower loom how we see hunting her much longer but weaving qualities for I have it dominates razor and no matter how much we Do not stretch the knot not be discharged in Unlike weaving if you make an effort from unties the knot
  • 04:13: we see our times times seemed tips You can not see torn up to you not deception bead untied hunting he connects node
  • 04:43: most capricious materials and essentially There shall be two conventional assembly connected to each other Now we are this make simplified option tying him tying uzelochek
  • 05:14: threaded second end of the thread and the food too tying uzelochek and that's the way tightens a friend tighten it here
  • 05:45: it turns out hunter's Bend well in this embodiment tying need be more neat strings outstretch uniformly at the first variant You can not go wrong uzelochek turns even beautiful at the second version is necessary
  • 06:15: control and power tension and the formation of high school a little bit longer try to tightening of nodule Which of these two knots weaving or hunting you will be more convenient to choose of course you
  • 06:45: I have a choice He stopped at the hunting unit