Vyacheslav Poleschikov

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Water ̆ transfer of drawings of texts and a photo on any materials Water printing text and photo images  See details »

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  • 00:14: following the transfer of images on metal I described them quite a lot here and I took off but it will be one also from ie options taken a two-way sided tape But for Scotch
  • 00:30: carpet It called foam bought well, that's what he a notably Other adhesive tape 1 when we are here with the doctors you he this side did not sing about the same yellow as on this side of that is, this suggests that it's clear Here one can see the outer side and therefore it inner side also it has to turn yellow and Here are just a suitable tape means the others do not fail
  • 01:00: we take and cut sided tape paste it on brushed matter what type of metal it technology can concern not only metal but also with plasma wood of any solid subjects them to all can be transferred in this manner image when no not at hand no thermo presses no thermal transfer paper does not sublimation sublimation
  • 01:30: a method that is when nothing equipment necessary to quickly somewhere something then move on two-way terminals transparent tape on based imbued us We can be pasted on nose formation tree on the glass on the any person subject then we unnecessary Naturally Dahl all the same thing as past described
  • 02:01: all the technologies will but simply to people personally saw double sided tape also has interesting properties So I rented protective paper here I took metal is also very all beautifully shines nice we can generally good press from the double sided tape and so that was not even the smallest of these
  • 02:30: air some not gonna all uniformly glittered then we take is pasted on his copy of the sulfur color or black and white or laser printer color or black-and-white or silk-screen view seal All this should be printed on plain paper is not the picture 0 3
  • 03:00: of course always delete so then we all omit it is necessary that the paper good planning photocopy this is here pressed or because no one
  • 03:30: then we we take we take begins to slide paper and what it technology well in Unlike those earlier that It was they can be apply only to metal image and with this method, we we can picture applied to any objects generally well strongly not naturally on bread and butter we've got a screwdriver ie metal plastic glass plasma wood and others
  • 04:01: various combinations so you can draw very possible use this technology for mass interesting things and no one to go and what It is also interesting so that you no one contact and You get high-quality Now image any subject just available and most importantly that the same tape as the I said it transparent at
  • 04:30: it transparently we do not see if it is there at all, or three images top sit here now it shows watch here we image We received on methane Paper is no longer all is well in sight all that is necessary when have to do naturally it is necessary to then this coward All vodichku wait until it's all dry Here's the way after
  • 05:00: drying we see where we do not go home paper and well just have to full paper all rinse then there from Now microfiber this is not visible in the post Drying somewhere may appear there resist doing all in a hurry then as all eight dry all these will be smooth All this bukvochki all He still remains the same Go sticky sticky this metal or this thing that covered by bilateral scotch and service broken here
  • 05:30: covered alcohol only alcohol varnishes because nitrovarnishes So they dissolved link print print Peter be in service or printer but dissolved so Only spirit varnishes if anything under hand there is no light lacquer so top just pasted thin plyonochku some gelatin use different but the meaning is the main it is clear that we have quickly got just one minute
  • 06:01: image metal or any other subject can get enough put them on