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  • 00:01: Hello everyone today I want to talk about alteration battery a screwdriver screwdriver in which are dead batteries will to remake the carrier will be for it source bones food for we screwdriver will be used computer unit power output of 300 watt 12 volt it
  • 00:31: It gives us 17 amperes could and of course longer but, in principle, missing and their cases 90 screw on wood it's who knows black such screws fully turned in derevyahu without problems screwdriver 18 volt power Power 12 wherein the speed but it falls slightly Nevertheless, he pioneer fine or slightly down
  • 01:02: no worse than screwdriver on podsevshih the battery more even better because the voltage It does not fall since fallen battery all perfectly so start over with block rework power that is copied block power so proper for alterations to the moon to reveal and what we see we see a bunch of wires of which
  • 01:31: all we need only a few So to start remove unnecessary wire that is here this here shleyfik that goes on motherboard then all sorts of different power management wires can be cut on better all right, I vypayat the choice will be show parallel and us blocks are integers and
  • 02:02: on the blocks that have already alterations So actually here our whole block even food upgrade remodeled unit Power's see there is no difference wires heap
  • 02:30: that's actually We proceed to the removal of this requires shut off remove the four screw that mounted on the get payment of course not cutting wires which are powered Here's the 220 you carefully thread and payalnichkom he extra wires what we need drink here this buffoon almost all leave two wires two wires is any black wire and a second wire on whether green or gray
  • 03:02: these wires circuit that between them gives us unit is turned on power because not without a computer Starts how to understand some Black is the clear how to understand the gray or green needed leave here on the printed circuit board board there are different inscriptions and near one of these wires will It is written in the second- have turned on computer or he simply but it
  • 03:31: Naturally all of English ie psion either it's located this transactions can be previously bite here too she bites Black energizes through 220 standard that the computer must have all know him serve if there is power turn on the switch and his dedicated through 2-wire circuit claimed that the block food we
  • 04:00: turn on all of us We decided on by the wires are must leave from that train desoldering fully these wires blurted out perfectly now we also we need do not leave leave from the principle too full to drink rightness elbows here force us too need black wire and Yellow Black Yellow give us 12 plus V well that is not dish is only 12 volts
  • 04:30: red and black give us 5 volts on dresses it is still the same plus designated 12 volts and bass plus 5 volt respectively memorizing place denote where where we blurt plus 12 V to we fluster already power wire which will directly on screwdriver and power so we have them soldered water color see the same
  • 05:01: picture of the block We look at what we So do next Gray remembered and black lead us signal that It includes our blog place to land This new wire where black and plus 12-volt on-board so All the same signed Getting Started and so the power supply we
  • 05:31: will turn this Only have a button not 220 as it up this served as that is, filed a button full power to the whole spirit of this is a button we will have to combine it's these here Black and gray wire we found and and convinced that they They include our block Power for this and there must be this switch the rear of the solder wires that go 220 volts on board the power supply is
  • 06:02: Again, this is one which is carried away from the board which hence it rozetochki 220 It goes on and switch then goes to pay us all you need to unsolder wire is for wire that broken and solder take it directly away from the board heat the solder it on directly in board 220 and freed
  • 06:30: switch when setting switch We connect our black and gray wire which include our block with her food give birth to it, and so do more more We need still fail power 220 volt Our power supply not to leave bare ends we do the following here we initially
  • 07:00: energized here and here the phase and zero respectively here Now, these findings here tan to protect serednya take a needle file and grind rewrite track ie foil which glass fiber Bagerovo foil foil and track fray needle files about five I did millimeters cutting width we all get rid of here comes
  • 07:30: voltage but here still need to submit stress that it We got the block Power for this dresses already for about beer drilled two holes trimmed varnish over foil around these holes they get along and about fluster right blowing to be great all 220 provodochek basically I took section of 075 is more than than enough for 300
  • 08:00: watts who consume God and those 20 volt Dr. little of this occasion more than enough so are we We do now Staying connected power wire I took power cord two wire mark PVA two and a half holds about 25 ampere we PSU outputs 17 amperes stock It has excellent determine for itself
  • 08:31: which of the wires what you will coloring on this wire I do not know determines which What would be a plus and will be net of the same most swim on PSU board particularly in those places where there was a black wire is the earth is plus and minus 12 volts solder everything is fine derived conductive block food we collected I want to stay Nitschke to this dog
  • 09:01: salnichek stood here Now here it stands for that the wires do not bandaged metal housing who originally there was salnichek It was ie the wire there uncommitted stomach they simply then hang freely I have down there in Comments are not needed strong fixing window water enough that he is, and there is no frays metal part
  • 09:30: so these two wires coming I had a gift put a scrap here ps this boiled half of that at setting here this dog Licko wires when closing it is closing Now there's a lid now I twisted
  • 10:07: we get so
  • 10:30: we screw and presses the wire pretty good It is fixed in the housing I now tighten This check and
  • 11:09: All proper our procrastination keeps he was nowhere will be found he crushed it well-kept and so with the power supply we finished Now I have it twisted completely and proceed directly to the part of which will be connect to screwdriver
  • 11:32: structural change screwdriver will not do absolutely that no further enable us to use if batteries any such will and so here they are Come out and have a wire deduced that further Now the battery battery screwdriver bosch actively look it apart and
  • 12:00: do the following see action set cans so it all it gets us no we must, we need housing and this is now plastic part Now these pieces Now that the tire welded to batteries that the bank is stand here such here tire us enough
  • 12:30: enough must to saw bus area of contact welding that turned small pieces that we will our solder wire that is Now this is plastic black piece and small all the pieces of the tire the rest of us throwing it to us not it became necessary to will be using acid that is dig acid phosphoric just
  • 13:01: those soldering acid which allows us to We began to understand and Solder here already Our two-wire half excision all out of Captain is already sample ready housing battery which I have done and so own and fate took off cut to actually look on the battery here
  • 13:30: written plus or minus you have remembered which wire What is different respectively soldered to appropriate contact wire plus and minus and to fix here Now this part here is that it does not hanging He was taken samorezik three millimeter drilled hole two-millimeter sverlyshkom and over the top stupid here drilled and bolted
  • 14:00: Samara will be attracted there and than previously previously it can be super glue glue or some I used another Super glue cyanoacrylate fast-setting that's pulled You can also flip and throw additionally hostility to superglue dry before how to make it take We take all the affairs of the
  • 14:31: shackles, battery block will lead these together with me leave behind me the diameter of the wire the diameter of the laity wires and drill on less say diameter wire 7 millimeters rum diameter drill 6 openings joke in this stack that is what happens it gives us is us It enables fixing wires when we ourselves pull body
  • 15:02: different screws that's actually on the me such a thing on get out and which connected screwdriver he screwdriver remade I tried teach it to the network, and see how it will work We turn on the unit's Power you see including the power supply
  • 15:31: I wound several lost speed slightly in the thrust but the at least it is noticeable better than used screwdriver with already killed with showers the batteries more than that fairly quickly loses its capacity when not give also successfully work with the new battery
  • 16:00: actually all that like today tell today all until we meet again