Flower and petals from a cucumber. Jewelry from vegetables. Decoration Of Vegetables. Decoration Of Cucumber  See details »

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  • 00:04: cut cucumber on thin stripes take one striped and turned in take the tube following a tube and so here it turn off
  • 00:37: again take the tube and that's not so turn off around the tip tubes twirl
  • 01:02: so why should they toothpick so that We do not raspolzlas Design and make 2 more petals take following stripes strung on toothpick and accurately just wrap and
  • 01:30: around the tip conducting tubes take another strip to poke on toothpick and here and so wrap and swing the tip around the bottom of the flower
  • 02:02: it turns out we have here a flower Now we make an incision on the one hand and other again, on the one hand
  • 02:30: and the other Now create a form leaves they loved and put the Huskies subscribe to my channel all the luck while till