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  • 00:14: today we Cook stuffed peppers for that we It needs about 12 tests I have them already advance quality half a kilo of minced meat shelves cooked vegetable oil sour onions
  • 00:32: carrot pepper salt tomato paste so get down first We need fry the onion and carrot
  • 01:19: Group two films add carrots fry a few more
  • 01:30: minutes and carrot He became soft parking roasted all good as or Man
  • 02:03: the composition again to merge carrot fry more One minute show this carrot we fill it with boiling water, I it has already washed rice rinse thoroughly in cold
  • 02:30: the water was a hit and water was transparent pour boiling water rex I became a little softer and leave for 15 minutes Our dressing for stuffed peppers ready to shoot with
  • 03:00: plates and loans cooking our rice stuffing It should be reminded Song add stock
  • 03:59: porch let coffee
  • 04:41: Tourist minced ready can do staging sing Put the stuffing in fruits try not much to stack it does not tamp because 30 increase in the kitchen of the sisters
  • 05:02: example that I remember wheel down it this way close not that that's a shame Toshiro so all pawns which
  • 06:08: Fersmana crossed we posted Now he tells us he needs to fill in and put stewed to pour pepper spikes to get us I fried and tasty carrots and onions I add here tomato paste hot dilute water and roasted nut
  • 06:30: methane ru pouring boiling hot water
  • 07:08: peremeshaem to dissolved the can call add pepper is love and poured it weight when Pepper
  • 07:48: We put on a plate bring to a boil as our I hasten to boil yourself
  • 08:01: small fire and simmer for one hour Our peppers are ready spread on
  • 08:36: dish can a
  • 09:18: add sour cream
  • 09:34: all ready on alcohol Bon Appetit