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  • 00:00: from beautiful etiquette chick now we go to processing felt products so girls when I do not did I submit valera at Julia Sokolova on facebook to maiden these last names difficult as if the master at people have long been working
  • 00:30: but stands over caskets a second time we have until sitting down wonderful 3rd oxana natasha July that is on exhibitions probably who visits Moscow everyone knows their work that's oxana with Natasha already master class with us give caskets successfully on pay Now joins us July, we persuaded to give master classes and today she is well on sit-rounds will tell about Well, as if finishing
  • 01:01: felted things up to logical end of a volume how to make clasps issue all the same let's say questionable in behavior further line or well, it's all about that each of course for himself chooses some kind of road Here I am doing for example democratic felt and customers are my people Well, the same as we have me for some reason very many doctors and
  • 01:31: among customers and my customers and but these are people who if they bought a thing there for 10-20 thousand they are not ready and children two or three fold and hang in the closet they want it was worn well there several times in a week so say and she operated and that's actually there there is the question of how make fiber so durable enough legs because especially everyone understands that
  • 02:02: when we start move from our initial first felt thick and enough rude more subtle and plastic and we immediately there is a question how will behave there are the same loops buttons the same slices shelves on this felt them of course all it is necessary strengthen because by themselves, how would you neither there are different caches how can you not Wali Wali whatever you tried to make them enough less stretchable stretch
  • 02:32: they will even if use there every possible crooks on felting also any loop when if he will be a slotted loop it of course need strengthening it strengthens even if thing of cloth that is not yet such a trailing and elastic as a conclusion what can we say about that of course bakeries products all loops buttons must be somehow reinforce it so that everything was kept and not deformed and withstand the load unbuttoned buttoned up there say
  • 03:02: 30 times a month or there how much you in during the year this must hold and thing should not sway and change one's shape because it immediately lead to a full loss and of course appearance well, one from there the beloved ones they do not have ways at once I will say inspired me to I am a member of Smyrnov on this is their last here are the products Miss cantami but I have so it turned out that I first time kant had to be done for sufficient conservative customer these are these
  • 03:32: all there lines figured and such unusual loops she would not take categorically besides I do not amateur completely feeling idea and I had to come up with something your own other than that, by the way. this vest but this The vest is actually on its own color scheme he roughly copies and for finishing here is the one a suit that's first once I did with such crocheted I understood the shopping what to offer me
  • 04:02: nothing interesting company trading accessories can not generally somehow here I bring probably crisis is still like that to us about them because that the accessories became less interesting it was quite a ride somewhere on May holidays there a few days I understood the shopping that the cantor I'm not I'll buy then I acquired this its device is difficult call the device with first glance it so little convenient little thing, well, how not
  • 04:32: strangely without her oblique bake yourself make it very difficult but a set of such here is the device of it yes, yes adjustment probably it allows you will make a slanting Bakey virtually the width that you suits me standard 13 millimeters there basically they are not sold arranged in the first place I wanted a denim ed and secondly to me it was necessary that he was somewhere about 25 cm in finished form that's the using this
  • 05:02: I made things I'm fast enough I can say that in for an hour I cooked up 6 meters almost this cant me now enough of it for a long time that is how well everyone probably knows we cut the fabric under angle of 45 degrees stitch these strips then we skip through this here the adaptation is there are you with one hand thrust from another you get such a bent ribbon which must be ironed but this is not very
  • 05:32: convenient option oxana weavchenko told me that it is necessary to select these firmware pril on we are straight here nudity of them they are the most the best even with this here if he can he does not notice forms a clear bend at the output but even with this thing in general then I somehow she adapted herself did these here edging so that principle interesting and such promising finish option felt products because by itself firstly this cardboard unconditionally holds
  • 06:02: the edge and does not give him creep in under sock and in addition I did here such under loops of the same fabric just not on the scythe line has made such tapes from the bottom are strips of which then made under loops are these here means such here linings Well, if you suppose that option if slanting clasp Well, here I am, but again I I tell you what I
  • 06:32: did it possible someone has another fight Well, what are also their own own witty interesting developments here I have in this case clasp irregular shape In general, well, I had just lining fabric cut the relevant duplicate a ribbon her cushioning adhesive and respectively to file it and on it do the buttons and loops and the same self sewed it under button still such an option
  • 07:05: also a full house amount by are hinged loops on synthetic from synthetic cord synthetic the cord must be said long enough he does not stretches out at him several tricks that it does not stretch enough rich color gamma even in the store near my house but pieces of 15-20 colors can be find that is practically possible under any thing to pick up
  • 07:35: I strengthened it again on here such here dense or embroidered with braid such ribbons now Well, of course we are now offer something shops of such ribbons here are all these are their and a great multitude they can of course be they are very different there is more natural and synthetic beautifully embroidered that's actually speaking also this quite convenient
  • 08:05: form because it all on the one hand holds the edge too symmetrical and with the other side of the loop these behave themselves very much a good time to wear what father is not attached handles . not on typewriter there is almost no the wrong side I sew No hands and this Now it depends
  • 08:37: braid is very dense that is, it allows she is very fat dense on synthetic that is, I'm at her first I washed it These loops on a typewriter and then manually sewed the braid but she even she sewn and manually she it works anyway that is, she does not care here stretch this the edge is practically impossible because letters of such good for us quality in this regard this one is so yeah
  • 09:07: no here here as one step is machine that is first with facial hand this carp sewn on the first fold and then from this side on my hands to unfortunately a lot on hands so well, well generally of course in Felt finishing he felt very felted well takes all kinds of others types of manual work and
  • 09:38: what do you know how to do well, I'm straight I call then use it because using absolutely everything will be look very good on felt well what options are use for loops and buttons there is such silk ribbons satin like all depends of course on color gamut products of course better that this tape harmonized with lined with internal with the underside products and was sufficiently broad
  • 10:09: it is not easy to choose there was such me option too, she absolutely not stretching there are such ribbons from natural silks we have oxana woven they are very dashing in any color that it why is this necessary ? also a variant with recently I became use here such are nylon they also tape bad enough stretch and I make them also I use as a basis for abortion and at the same time under the loops and
  • 10:39: buttons of dignity what firstly they are wide enough in secondly they translucent then they are a little bit masked from the wrong side and but one big their disadvantage is not so with a hot iron ironing directly in contrast to all other things about this will warn your potential of the customer buyers and general users of this products because otherwise she will melt this and serious flaw so well , still have
  • 11:09: we have all kinds of these are the clasps daud seems to be they of course it means here here in this here regret I completely strengthened this one is all front slice because that such a long well I think that it is unlikely that he support the for a long there are all kinds of such straps beautiful and not very can be selected on your taste is whatever concerns these
  • 11:40: buckles being rather they are decorative are quite complex in sewing she is when she is and you hold in your hand all wonderful as only you start we shall rub describe creeps into one's hands it turns out that here these are all the shoelaces they somehow separate from each other I need to sew a friend very carefully so who will take for doing it visited patience very difficult with them work but no one abolished from us this thing like for example finishing of knitted and free products
  • 12:10: hook if anyone knows how now on the Internet who help us you can find great schemes every possible ways of tying edge and in google and right if gain in this life not enough is all this try out plus to that again yarn there any now in stores there are also magical there is cotton for example painted with turkish the company 's various colors and multicolor on water can achieve in general a combination of all these
  • 12:40: the technician can be finished different is sufficient decorative effects Here is one too if choose the density knitting is enough well will keep the form is this one here edge of the loop of course will have to not connected to the crocheted well, various kefir ribbons here about which max she now this too spoke in tones use for
  • 13:10: of their holes keeper's tape in principle cotton her too it is possible use for design loops they are enough thick end customers can therefore is it from some kind a disadvantage with another countries and perhaps all girls have questions Julia and how it behaves thing when you wash with such with such a finish that you washed the customers it's all about that
  • 13:40: when we say here about these all we of course speak mostly all the same a jacket or vest of the shoulder products I have doubts about principle that the customer can and well wash and then shape them well as on the other hand when a person buys a sewn she does not get a jacket the question of washing it understands that he is his will definitely incur dry cleaning after all for jackets I do not I command to erase
  • 14:11: buyer you a reminder gives housing the image of it it is desirable to clean even a dress yes then we when it too, we say a panacea well that's when we were in St. Petersburg were in the workshop and yuli Khabarova and here she is is for washing is used here this is the typewriter retona ultrasound which in its time very much promoted I
  • 14:41: I thought it was really very interesting because in this case, here it is says she's straight puts in a bath puts there coat even puts ultrasound this little machine it is put here in the basin and exactly the same rinses well, of course from buyers I think nor do we all have from the moment you are not purchase like this that washing felt products themes were such as jackets which is molded then he must all equally lose shape at washing I certainly
  • 15:11: just do not recommend Sold in Sewing stores where fittings are for sale I'll tell you everything straight I had to she asked for people asked for by oblique I asked for manufacturing bias binding to in ideal it happens different widths 13 here but 13 I bought but I do not very interesting because standard width she is well, you can make of one's own material but this is here's jeans Italian fabric Of course you must understand
  • 15:41: that as it should be in a certain thickness, that is very thick fabric You can not buy you can with her I will cope here made such an error first bought unsuccessful now here it is here thin so italian jeans influences a there are shop windows the last pieces as times very convenient from them and meters 68 bakey you can do here thanks a lot yuletchka so I will free Yes please get pregnant whether it is possible still about
  • 16:18: master class yes it means that on July 18 I will be the first the master class will be dedicated to a vest but in particular will the vest be real made on that pattern Pattaya technologies that I I will give that is I I know what we have in July there will be many master classes on vest to come light vronskaya Katya the kite comes Well, what will be my Master Class I must be different I will give a lot technological information as his how to decompose as
  • 16:49: what tricks use to make y you turned out well seated handy thing Well and any reception layouts on the finish if time will be allow some receptions to the end of the product is well. this is practically mother practical the master class will be only four a small audience here for first time 18 on 18 July so that come to the whole it will be helpful thank you lenochka Smyrnov
  • 17:21: inspirer oxana Julia valery I ask