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American pumpkin pie. Recipes of happiness: modern history!  See details »

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  • 00:00: have a holiday where people sneer over her fears it is called halloween its symbol pumpkin because of it I and prepare a awesome dessert I begin to test me need 400 gram flour I sift the flour through
  • 00:30: sieve Yes flour opportunity fed oxygen pass air add flour a little salt salted flour in hell, 200 grams of butter Oil has already lain down at room temperature and softened
  • 01:00: And now a little bit handmade softened butter need mix well hands with flour than I add less the harder the oil get dough Once the dough It has evolved here in a loose you need to add weight one egg egg It will help connect all
  • 01:32: this mug in a single whole feeling reminds not times when I a child was building sandcastles on soft loose sand I am trying to mold out the ball of dough beginning of his career well loose and friable after I had even a little bit of
  • 02:03: knead I put in refrigerator and she become accustomed soft and elastic test refrigerated dough is about half an hour blinded perfect I'll snowball He threw cold and while she was there I'm slacking Clean the pumpkin I cut stuffing pumpkin into large
  • 02:34: and I opened up the pieces it has become ready very soft supple must be carefully shift pumpkin to prevent water because water can give unwanted moisture It may be even a little bit more pressing I initially lied one kilogram pumpkin but after boiling it decreased almost to crushed them up here puree
  • 03:05: at some fighter knocked add eggs
  • 03:40: half cup Sahara bright pumpkin mass add 200 ml cream fat content of 33 percent less heavy cream can not be taken because not weight thickens I add a pinch fragrant cinnamon cinnamon desirable stored in a closed jar otherwise it very quickly loses its full flavor tenderness tea boat
  • 04:13: spoon vaginosis Unfortunately, if add it too a lot of it will give me pleasant bitterness Now everything is possible mix oil filling ready oil residues used for
  • 04:43: to form a grease Now advice from Zosia another good way to prevent the dough is sticking sprinkle form with bread breadcrumbs see what bright breadcrumbs they will be very go well as bright gift I'm going back to sleep with
  • 05:22: forced to land say what it and I began to power his little mayhem by slightly vadimira time mash the dough for form
  • 05:52: and I do bumpers I warmed up the oven to 190 degrees I send in her cake 15 minutes there he dry up and will and ready for further baking soup slightly
  • 06:29: dry Now I pour in filling it and now much carefully stand the dough back in the oven I make the temperature a little bit less exhibited 180 degrees
  • 06:59: in my oven sunny pumpkin cake will stay another 40 45 minutes in the kitchen already floats you Length creamy flavor and it means that the cake ready look how
  • 07:43: sunny this dessert raise this the mood in any weather pie need cool slightly but not completely because He served warm time passed Pie still warm but no longer hot it must be removed cautiously because dough on a fragile beauty gently lead
  • 08:15: thanks to toast the appearance of the pie such very unusual and a pair of parts for I use decorations cinnamon sticks necessarily think about it recipe cinnamon winter and the cake itself creates incredible comfort and add a few
  • 08:47: anise stars for decoration is very known spice a very bright such aniseed flavor dessert will be ready waiting for guests for cooking American pumpkin pie I needed for the test 3 cups of wheat 200 grams of flour butter 1 egg salt to taste
  • 09:17: for filling one kilogram pumpkin 2 eggs half cup sugar 200 milliliters cream fat 33 pinch percent cinnamon 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar breadcrumbs cinnamon sticks and star anise for decoration