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The baked VEGETABLES under cheese in the CROCK-POT - Videoretsept  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello and welcome Welcome to my your channel today I want attention offer prescription baked in the multivarka vegetables with cheese fur because this recipe cook's not the first time can responsibly declare that it is very delicious for preparation of this I need food 2 zucchini squash 2 eggplant two three medium tomatoes a piece of cheese a few cloves garlic sauce and I
  • 00:31: I will use sour cream and the usual my mustard vegetables Courgettes cleaned from skin and more cut off all thin slices the bottom of the pan Multivarki and grease oil and more layers I spread and vegetables This is the first layer slices of eggplant layer eggplant need some salt the second layer we be cut from sliced ​​zucchini spread his
  • 01:00: eggplant on top of his layer and also need some garlic salt chop here such thin slices and lay it on zucchini slices for sauce, I mix 3 teaspoons of sour cream half a spoon mustard and a little dried dill and using a teaspoon just like that I'll add a little our sauce on Cheese cut zucchini
  • 01:31: small cubes or diced his way you can rub just at a major grater and spread cheese cubes on top sauce and courgettes further reiterate our groups again laid eggplant and a little solid layer zucchini which again I need some prisolit courgettes I spread slices garlic and the remaining sauce tomatoes cut into circles the final layer I
  • 02:00: spread circles which is also a tomato or from above on tomatoes I spread the remaining cheese close lid Multivarki choose menu, pastries and Time will cook 50 minutes of the start of want clarify that the cooking stir the dish is not We need vegetables ready thanks for all attention to new meetings on my channel
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