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  • 00:00: he for the manufacture of I will be coral use mastic white color you you can use mastic of any color rolling pin sharpened joint with
  • 00:30: smooth surface can be used either this joint or taper the will also require scalpel and corn starch so a piece of mastic we roll out into the seam on this occasion unroll about half the thickness centimeter in
  • 01:00: depending on thickness of the reservoir will be depend on the thickness your channel and now with the help of pointed joint, we we make in mastics deepen rotary movements these movements should to be chaotic somewhere depression with ramp in one direction somewhere to another for some deepen the tilt and some perpendicularly surfaces this will give more naturalness coral this
  • 01:34: Here are some the holes we made and now with the help of scalpel we are in each holes are cut out hole this way here identical holes You can not cut because in nature they meet very different diameter and with the help of the joints are smoothed cut and continue to cut
  • 02:09: The holes are farther away if in work process for you wax mastic it is possible to dip the joint water and wet snow smoothen roughness and so we We go around linen as you see between holes some We will arrange them a little later in this lesson I I show only
  • 02:39: basic equipment coral in your case mastic can be both white and any another color she maybe even gradient can be marble if you do not plan and you can color it as in my case take a white or cream color mastic and so we designed our
  • 03:12: main canvas and now between We are holes we pinch each the possibility of giving it is more ribbed form then
  • 03:48: so our channel begins loom here is such he ribbed in our it turns out that give even more natural texture I go through slightly over the surface metal washcloth to looked like as if over this Corals have worked microorganisms she also pass with dyes and get them on color option here and there they correct
  • 04:27: the details and now we'll create coral edge as coral rule break in those places where is present deepening therefore near the deepening do notches leaving torn sharp edges they are not must be same as more rough edge you have it turns out that It will be more natural look coral he
  • 05:07: and now these rocks bend in more natural form that's about as I'm doing this now and after that we put off our corolla lest he lightly dried up to about semi-preparedness and
  • 05:37: after that it can be cake Here's an interesting cake design nautical theme in we got here such a double coral more like calcareous coral such corals can decorate a fragment cake and can they fully pull the whole perimeter of the cake fire can be fixed seashell fisherman sea stars and other marine life the bottom is entirely depends on your design and imagination if you like my video was For you it's useful
  • 06:07: put like subscribe to my channel on youtube and also in group vkontakte and in classmates leave your comments and today that's all for now