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  • 00:00: thing that make women pour Skirt-sun 1 measurement one seam and 15 minutes silhouette skirt will flared downward and very narrow steel this style It called Skirt-sun was very popular 60 the last century the sun will cell to skirt well-kept shape and she looked elegant in spite of the simple I suggest cutting take high-quality Wool is not crumpled it is very easily check
  • 00:30: besides drawing Scottish cell It would be nice to play soft tab first make the pattern cut out fabric square with sides 150 centimeters fold it in four times like this Now measure waist circumference I save quarter of measurements in the corner square We spend waist line left draw Measure out the bottom of the skirt the desired length leave allowance 2
  • 01:00: centimeter and cut Here is the cut our sun skirt no side seams left to sew zipper for We just cut fabric treat on the edge overlock and sew a secret zipper cut a belt more easier to cut
  • 01:31: rectangle width and length 7 equal measurements plus 10 centimeters fold it in half and sew skirts petite partner trick align the hem of a skirt sun quite difficult therefore do I recommend it to mannequin under his the weight of the fabric sags and we have to move out extra treat bottom of the skirt on the overlock the length of the hem of our
  • 02:04: skirt sun about 6 meters and if we hemming him as usually we would We spent half a day therefore we his stick very quickly with the help here and such webs We spend on all five minutes to buckle edge After studying for a cobweb live and here you skirt sun let it not shine but exactly please you Olga nikishicheva Alexander Semenov
  • 02:35: first channel