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  • 00:16: hello today we have another pen handle simple but recently on our website Julia Julia masters
  • 00:30: sure to give reference on her photo Master Class offered very interesting pen which is inside me accidentally interested and I have matured in my head a master class in the handle simplified embodiment I and plate more complex embodiment with a constriction who offered Julie and thank you very much for ideas and matured so Master Class popular popularize ideas highly recommend
  • 01:00: this pen we had on such twisted but here's a pen a little there Unlike at point develop in such Now the ranks and it is slightly different first I have already made an option Now well, rather one pen I yesterday made a trial today to show you Example second handle we need 4 ducts I joined them and on
  • 01:30: length 4 tubes they have me wet So clothespins mark the place where We will handle We step back three rows threading our or so easy if they if not then go to using needles threaded ducts
  • 02:00: through weaving between third quarter near the top we bend point each performed so such handles pretty not destroy the strong We come not so about evenly tubes I repeat
  • 02:30: humidity and and further their Now even soften making sure that no violated the ranks there's plump And so each one pinned tubes and here and so we do there crossing ducts to follow they do not run each other out so times
  • 03:01: pretty cute but it turns out I'm so like the idea that what can be done two color and then play with colors in these series Well to be honest on simple embodiment is not I wanted to play and now on Complication I will show playing means 6 turns I saw one two three 4 5 6 Now I remember
  • 03:30: in the first embodiment 2, we naturally to do exactly so here in this place I have a hard-on prischepochka I will this handle fix that is So round one go inside that is, those scheduled so that's one two three here, too, must find I once again
  • 04:08: Stalk is will drop from the rolls outdoor under the arc on their outer layer also I am looking for some one here once rarely seen 2 3
  • 04:31: 4 here try so that they formed exactly as in ryadochek I bumping against each other to gently this round We run this sides 1 small stands and miss small stands for then we also consistently
  • 05:09: method of attachment and the same first the second version so the second time I can display and I will there are now consolidated we have left fill and also as a glue successively
  • 05:31: We can be laid with using a specially here and so obtained laid at the point We will stay here fluff it empty here and here then embed and accurately as we carry emptied
  • 06:06: and the visibility here this tube this must its pull and accurately just here also cope without
  • 06:31: such express handle quite simple quickly and fairly pretty have all left on heating 5 also and will cut this option varnish first primed with tight water then squabbles All solid solid handle so well is near
  • 07:01: we have the first option simple or point now proceed to the the most interesting and and