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  • 00:00: the next day, let's talk when a person lives for pleasure it means killing his purpose better stronger I must say that in the field of justice energy goes through it if we replace in outskirts of Moscow then on board, you can quickly and the whole family destroy itself the daughter of the former furniture board with all the wonderful several notes reuters disintegration Union
  • 00:30: to next year just not used we will not be found that the police know elections will be very useful why such a loud synthetics ca news kz legend Exhibition very resident termination appearance we there July 21 consumers get more suitcases something where consumers who seek
  • 01:01: buy on credit news the beginning of this issue now a new film it seems to be attracted by the culture Yesterday we talked about the fact that it is very proves realized something to remember I am human what I long ago board if your desire to use proposals for an apartment soloist man strip naked here a woman as head of state sit backs to each other with imports cargo of gold
  • 01:32: and all the performers I worked there in the house he realized important to achieve Chinese paper unbypass tea and coffee another variant Boris Gryzlov building mystery third embodiment in accordance with the desire to consider smartphone clippings guestbook loading I wish the team considered the candle program hard
  • 02:04: desire of the parties even write on paper Hey Do you long can housing wishing to perform just contact Space Space never ask for th I wish republics You can see Mr. Tsifrograd third time in March RIA Novosti after the publication but still very good magic Leninist majority of the people
  • 02:35: riding hall execution mechanism the most significant growth It will be comparable in this match for health no different from Yushchenko, who says spell team shape he says said says interrogation spells in particular the Inter defender exactly 50 years begin Sapporo faces six years Knight changed his mind and evil spirits engine Silkin
  • 03:05: that is why the priests but in fact it really all true and $ 7 an ounce however for the year was the last words Aziz while more jump around China's production of fire real machine that is really a dramatic change another beach still does not work try if either no longer then transport when
  • 03:35: when there is no enlightened begin to return this playground on the subject touched talked I say the scientists also rose request any work he called his personal I made a wish problems difficult for that's only an experienced pilot Mr. I took his son he is
  • 04:05: Horbal currents think why such You know that we the access of journalists as they say but then it will not be executed need access Lukin if you go out on the thin plan we high looks your every desire could not such land I'm all agencies I have grown to score then scared
  • 04:35: just in case, I began to make strategic in the territory When determine the future to fulfill our schools if performing the same energy ballet they must be carried out means energy will what is surprising is that the grandfather ago You can take their turn dollars per ounce Court received from the model
  • 05:05: but Assam and should be an effective say a mechanism that works as I I looked pick Energosbyt so all environmental funds and ornaments apart from the fact that in terms of consumer does not even know and the more people want to longer receive suitcases It means somewhere that they have brothers he gets set your received happiness must provide peasants There are other examples
  • 05:36: he has not received on time integration of children after the problem so talk performance disclosed through which the technician inspector of hours that's because the government is one of the them all these things a consumer Tyumen rubble seven months consumer always depends but then powers
  • 06:08: house demolition and say well, that you are rich Tchaikovsky own crimes This list forts about 20 billion trade with Iran for us They even write in Forbes list and reality the sixth in a list form
  • 06:40: should ask you dare to find so clear vasus intact Nasser Hall to earnings no raiders
  • 07:13: so here is a European call to exit the most important thing in the world gold It is still unknown buy yourself all the charm why Russia takes the rector the world's consumption because Russia strongly this idea
  • 07:44: unwillingness to work on the one hand the chances another country this is the neglect of the work if a person is not used to working OAO Scachi somehow miraculously why not it starts their problems violations by Russian economy people want more to get china at this point become a well Zadornov having means
  • 08:15: seen the coach said the stranger victory caged trying trust human This tale about with workers so that at such a low that is, sooner or later Russia 2 Spirituality is not less work we are just a web site
  • 08:45: I just do without it based work 24 contains 41 words Heidfeld Apartments for a long time it is time to work but did not work Russian language by the way terrific we have a saying to lead It was not interested many but the ratio one realizes how
  • 09:17: after breaking betrayed just did not score two tied while So it turns out that the gas sector, we will always be not attached order at the same time quite accurately so that a that man on construction sites to more than in the country
  • 09:47: in Russia is widely but due to say because Spirituality and neglect materially It happened here this trend disregard for the enterprise freebies Now this topic is enough after a dispute with pages and to receive therefore spiritual path Greeks clean west I was destined to ideas
  • 10:20: great adviser arrested only displacement and if that's UAH and no light status all that has not been done Now, this trend should be at the start if is located in St. Petersburg exactly what that was labor saving This new thinking is implemented politics economy Western world in general the whole world can not follow Perepelitsa
  • 10:50: that's so scary actually they connect in America, etc. this is going Russian team after some time will only Capitalism only individuality and begin to strike China will be the ancestors Respect and drugs nearest ATM want to separate since the Muslims, he said,
  • 11:20: then start with muscle problems because saying it is a temporary dam policy TCB here it is the same as was the twentieth year when collectivism moved collectivization because more growth and then I began to again engage while the same topic 61 the opposite
  • 11:50: He went with his art and in principle is now Russian Central Election Commission will not be any of the candidates