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  • 00:12: Hello everyone today I want to show you three different lobe who will do about one and the same principle for this we need Satin Ribbon wherein a width of two half centimeter and we cut the length 6 centimeters all our three petals are
  • 00:30: two-color and so Ribbon we need two colors, and so first flap that will do it's for this this take white ribbon on top imposing orange ribbon digress somewhere 2-3 millimeters on top of that we White Ribbon's so I peeped forth take pintsetik here so presses and fasten to that our ribbons We did not go to one
  • 01:03: side and likewise on the other hand and so face side faces we now have further overturn Here and begin folded ribbon
  • 01:30: that's the way it there we add it not just a little bit slant top our little corner should to touch bottom ribbons like this one side in the same way folded the other side's etc. we add up how common acute petal
  • 02:01: so we get lepestochek prune our tails here these that's all we fix lighter cut the little corner below and also
  • 02:32: anchoring lighter This is our It turned out interesting sharp petal second type lobe we do here so again take white ribbon on top impose orange ribbon in This lobe can already a little retreat little more to
  • 03:00: White Ribbon our looking a little bit More like this 3-4 millimeter can I I know and again let us attaches so it is more convenient It had to work also incorporated second side Again, the front our side get here turn over to
  • 03:30: opposite direction and We do it in principle the same thing that we did just what that is add up the ribbon that's the way top add up here thus further turn over and doing here is such a sharp petal than obtained
  • 04:00: interesting is that a little corner in this petal but it turns out to different colors and secured throughout longer immediately Next, we need to cut this one little corner for that we did not broken up here these but take the ribbons pintsetik and will be here So keep
  • 04:30: pintsetikom little corner cut and fasten This is our I get petal I think the flowers are petals are if you look choose color let there be dark pink color and
  • 05:01: then bright pink color and it seems there these colors our flower is slowly as if from dark passages light in a very look good and the last petal that we will do again take two ribbons front side She looks at us white impose orange paste wherein the February 3 millimeters and anchoring with one and on the other hand
  • 05:40: further overturn We add up exactly same as previous petals so the top like this overturn
  • 06:00: We add up like this way we folded this one Here lepestochek in here with ugolochke etc. We turn over again on this side and raises little corners up a little corner and 2 This is our it turns petal Now cut off and
  • 06:30: anchoring This is our turned petal at the bottom we have to do I do not need anything from us I have got nothing I do not crop it here with such petals next video I I will do rezinochki for girl
  • 07:00: so if you do not want to miss subscribe to my channel if you liked petals and place the class and I say goodbye to this you bye bye