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New two-color sharp petal from a tape. KANZAShI. - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:10: Hello everyone today I want to show you how make two-color sharp petal who constantly looks my videos here knows that already on my channel There are a few options two-tone petals but today is a new kind I have not come up to him name but looks He's so border between colors passes exactly middle one
  • 00:30: petal half get one Color second half another for this I use black with two tape width half centimeter and yellow tape a width of 5 cm take the box of the belt 5 at 5 centimeters and fold it half here such triangle etc. take a black ribbon and We are putting it to triangle here thus further add up the black
  • 01:00: tape on top yellow line triangle like this Now add up half triangle on the one hand we have It obtained purely yellow triangle with the other hand obtained triangle divided into two colors one side yellow and the other black Now we are the same side add up again triangle half like this
  • 01:35: then cut a black belt and beyond business as usual sharp petal equals ribbons in petal anchoring lighter overturn lepestochek and also leveled bottom petal cut at straighten angle
  • 02:01: neatly lepestochek and bottom also incorporated lighter and our petal ready the following video we do with you hair ornaments where we will use here such petals so do not miss it that you through few days all my channel Good luck and all the while