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  • 00:00: very simple that You can make home conditions is blind but on the condition if you know how it make a curtain and I chosen here such transparent cloth transparent fabric transparent a shutter tape, I think that it here the most suit and transparent strings is such thin fishing line It called on the monofilament and often sew curtains on this tissue it almost does not I also will be seen need not
  • 00:31: tensile thread I measured the height of the curtain fabric bottom width 280 my she has the edge I processed my task then cut to the desired height handle side edge and sew curtains Curtain tapes under and now I have this We first consider to measure the height of the curtains
  • 01:01: to accurately measured length curtains need to do a small loop at the end strings suit her on a hook and measure up to the length of the floor with one hand cut edge of the curtains exactly as the other side very crookedly so I chose now is the bottleneck place here guided him see here was the the bottleneck for this and I will cut off the strip I see that the fabric leaves a lot of width in the
  • 01:31: trim but do there is nothing picture here have longitudinal stick to it sometimes when leveling out many of the width so keep in mind fabric take but this is more in I have one edge, and that's what it all It resulted from another the edges I handled overlock side edge role-curtains seam if you do not overlock
  • 02:01: you can handle such seam blind not very transparent seen so I took another piece of tissue to show you the width of this friend chno from your half a centimeter to centimeter it will depend on the flowability and tissue from drawing sometimes on the curtains Such large holes as it is planned in the figure so I have to sew
  • 02:31: a little wider because it this way twice tuck enter all the signs and then make line here in the land I I measured out the length of the curtains and pinned pin hook for a shutter the tape will be for the chain like so I am getting by a shutter pin
  • 03:01: tape in such a way curtain will cover sex and I need to it was a centimeter above so I I am getting on a pin centimeter above is folded along the edge of the curtain tape and tape from the edge I digress on allowance centimeter or two oversize should be Within this width tape Well, let it be like this It means I for this tag Now cut off the curtain
  • 03:31: Perry prick bulavochku I was a little court wrong length here was more than three meters therefore I'll have to cut as much as 58 centimeters I I make soap a couple of times to measure 58 do centimeters attach labels ruler and otchertit line if soap on your curtain difficult to see It means you can tag put
  • 04:02: so here are 58 centimeters pin another 58 centimeters further 1 pin and have cut focusing on pins next to them but I soap here I can see why cut along the line I a little cut
  • 04:32: Now the fabric I went too, and it will orientate Now on the slice if the fabric is slippery you can slay pins and at the bottom and cut further and share it I put aside
  • 05:03: Curtain tape on the front side of the fabric In the way that a loop coming to the edge of the then everything else bent here and loop will remain here on the edge on allowances I left around half centimeter half centimeter it is about the upper edge of the medium tape so I will be guided on the edge of the tape Transparency is not all
  • 05:34: seen here It comes to the edge possible chop off previously general course will depend on how's this your fabric when stretched stretched it better course tack it all pin tack but here I have not stretches or curtain cloth or curtain tape so I can just go and scribbling sew this then the edge turned up turned up and This has to be attached edge of curtain tape I stack a shutter
  • 06:06: tape and scribbled transparent thread for edge it will not be seen, I stitched one edge curtain tape monofilament now I We need to tuck and defer this hand but scribbling will inconvenient to have to curtain and flip scribble from the edge like this edge the end of compulsory
  • 06:36: to kill the lower edge is not shifted it will be nice and kill the few Just here bulavochki it's all here all still meet in assembly and the edge will beautiful clear Curtain tape already here wrapped about a centimeter 2 on the other side, too, most end up Fry bulavochki previously I come to tidy up the edge here I have strings
  • 07:10: tied a knot not to run away it need to do pre and end do good tack repeatedly postrochit and years ago, monofilament transparent anyway can not see of it will be stronger All curtain tape Now sewn curtain can be hung and then pull over the strings to it with I gathered here this Shade turned out if
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