Elena Vasilevna

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Jewelry from vegetables. Flowers from carrots, a cucumber and a vegetable marrow. Decoration Of Vegetables  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:23: take stripes cucumber impose striped zucchini I squash
  • 00:30: so small stripes turned cool better use a large zucchini do cuts in the school of neatly it is good to all I was cut or tips from sticking together center to the end Now neatly wrap in our tube striped
  • 01:08: it turns out we have here such zavitochek take a strip of carrot it spread striped cucumber she and I did not even lay zucchini and stripes scarify across from the center
  • 01:35: follow all well cut through a tips do not stick together and now neatly wrap in tubule it turns out we have here
  • 02:00: such zavitochek zaschiplyaem it toothpick if it untwisted but I do not like untwisted but our curls ready they can decorate as lettuce and snack someone pleasant place huskies subscribe to my channel all good luck bye bye