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  • 00:00: This is a very, a very good is avialable here right now in several colors Wow, wow, calm down Vlad! Does the derrick go with that car, Vlad? My name is not Vlad. What derrick? The oil-derrick, Vlad. We need oil, becausethis car eats tons of oil So, Vlad, this is what car weneed - fancy,fast and reasonably priced and equipped with lots of cool stuff This car... erm.... When I'm speaking about great design, I don'tmean the dead wagon, Vlad. This is a new generation car... This modelis designed for Russian roads
  • 00:30: Girl, youjust stop. Do you at least understand what you're talking about? I'm good in cars. Baby, maybe you should go sellingovens or hair dryers? Hm? This is expensive, this is toodamn expensive. We're gonna live in the basement Have you seen these movies Back in the future? This is the same car -it will take you right in the future I know this for sure, I've been there, take it! you have to buy this car! You just have to... Why?Why? This is me! This car is for me... I'm begging you to buy it! By the way this car makes....
  • 01:00: This car makes just inferiority complex, Vlad. It is a common situation, when people load in their trucks several tons of kilos of fresh fish People never do this People don't load the fish. Nothing happens in this country, right, Vlad? The car is hot!!! Lots of cool stuff.Yeee, Its Hyundai i30, baby What's up, nerd? I see your girl likes my new car....Oh this new fancy stereo!
  • 01:36: Hyundai i30, nerd!Call me baby It wasn't me