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  • 00:00: Hello it's time to come New Year's holidays when all decorating the Christmas tree are stockpiled recipes and of course prepare gifts in this video tutorial I want show you how can be original congratulate your children of pupils relatives of friends and so on with the help of service jib jab the point at which we will create
  • 00:30: original and festively and video which can send by mail who do you want congratulate so go to the site jib jab dot com and at the top near the inscription stories boss push button maker that is do it with us opens a window for create a video but for so that we can create a video We need register and so on the top right click the join now button and so it opens
  • 01:11: form of registration and here it is necessary enter data parents so introduce Email address you respectively enter your email address and think out any password now tick that we agree with regulations use of service and click button submits on we need to enter
  • 01:42: your age and press the confirm button all of us registered and now above press the boats to create this you will need a video photos of children or adults who will be the main characters in the video desirable use photo where clearly visible face
  • 02:12: I have prepared the full face again photos children who will use for create a video but for begin their desirable clip it like this you can do this can be done with using the standard package microsoft office namely through microsoft office software picture manager and so click on the first photos of the right mouse button and choose to open with help here drop-down menu choose choose program from
  • 02:42: the proposed programs we choose microsoft office picture manager we press okay so Our the photo in the program microsoft office picture manager is now here go to the drawing menu and choose to crop and so we move the boundaries highlighting leaving only head and click ok all now we need
  • 03:12: save our new photo under the new name go to the menu select file save as we call it our photo for example, sachets and click save Now at the bottom click on the arrow next and go to the next Photo likewise circumcise other photos children and save them under new names in end when all the photos have
  • 03:42: you will be circumcised you can close program so click close while you will be asked save done changes in the original a photo press me to save while we appeared five new photos with names our heroes who we will use in the video say goodbye to our site click here button we to the video that is create a video to upload photo from
  • 04:12: computer push computer button so find our folder with photos and choose the first name for example I have it will she push open so our the photo and now we it is necessary to adjust our photo served faces first reduce a little bit scale and also here You can rotate the face this way
  • 04:44: we adjust approximately oval face under all as soon as you finish click on next that is further so wait for when our character here too it is proposed information about our the characters are so here
  • 05:14: enter the name we have it she is here now is invited to choose girl is it or boy choose geol and also proposed choose baby it or adult choose child and click for confirmation so we had the first baby kit 1 she now near kit 2 click on arrow and so to us offered add one more character click on
  • 05:44: squares and dunya then there is a new so again choose a computer and here we choose our next character masha click to open and so here is our masha we reduce a little bit scale customized filed our face and click next that is
  • 06:15: have given so here is invited to choose already available character we have so far only one stored here or it is proposed that new choose create new that is, to create a new here we enter the name of Masha choose geol that from girl and child child and click yes so we already have two
  • 06:52: child now opposite kit 3 click arrow press and deneylu add new select the child computer and choose Misha push open so here we have too big scale we reduce it slightly turn face customized to the oval
  • 07:36: face and click next then there is a distance so here it is analogous create a new character click create new so enter the name Misha is our boy boy child that is a child and click for confirmation of our
  • 08:07: actions so we already three children and so the other two children add independently in the result is it turns out 5 characters if you want someone for example, change sometimes it is necessary click on the desired one characters 1 time with the left button mouse and choose that face which you want see in this case , now for that a person does not repeated presses on another character and
  • 08:38: respectively choose The other person is like this way when everything your characters will be can be done downstairs press the watch video so waiting for the download and look what we have here
  • 09:18: happened that is, as we see it turns out
  • 09:48: merry cheerful video in which the main Our heroes are our children and also robots in end robots congratulate everyone on New Year's holidays and I wish all happiness and so now you can share this video with all via mail or facebook click the bottom icon mail here requires a password parent, that is, we enter the password from your account has once and after that click continue that is
  • 10:21: continue in the opened window fill the following data fifth line fill e-mail address to whom we send this video how do i enter my address you enter its own address is also here you can add more multiple email addresses further to the policy object introduce the theme of our
  • 10:51: letters for example with New Year ! now select the text messages and print your text for example congratulations on upcoming new year! I give you this great gift
  • 11:21: that is, you are here write the text on your own discretion and below press the send button e-mail ie send letter and click ok also in this video can be use from the face adults it looks amusing enough the only thing restriction can only use 5 persons, that is, if you have more people then for they can be created
  • 11:52: as many new videos on this I finish this video tutorial I congratulate you on upcoming new year and christmas I wish the sea joy and fun of beautiful gifts and surprises Thank you for attention see you soon