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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners spring came we a lot of work and one of the the most important work in spring garden and this pruning of trees today we look at pruning apple trees we Here is a apple tree it is a sort of summer White filling and it is in our complex really hard and because that its formation We do not engage in or engaged in the first pores and then on any reason so we threw
  • 00:30: today will be creative experiment pruning it is always experiment because we gardeners in pruning these videos and we must do so that our tree He gave us good water more good quality and ancestors scale well, quietly grew right is not worth forget that trees They come in many varieties different habitus accurately as well as Forming the trees It is so different Firstly before proceeding to tie to take up
  • 01:01: the axis of the saw tool which we must decide for yourself what we We want to build in Here's this tree at As I see started formed as spindle look at This tree in it we see clearly central what a conductor central So he conductor stamp at the bottom begin skeletal branches and this is now Chief thick escape which goes up and
  • 01:30: tass central conductor if it tree formed in the form of a bowl he would not We would have stayed only skeletal branch she would be here so with a free central part of this case conductor was left center chair then most likely owners wanted tree form or a spindle or in the form of pyramids that is Forming in an a pyramid is it means the central conductor maintaining good and the two tiers of branches
  • 02:00: three upper tier branches and the lower tier A maximum of four branches skeletal look on this tree and you whether there are too many these tree branches overloaded and congestion tree branch leads to ensure that it does not ventilated too many branches too many leaves It means too much small fruits Disease and the load is certainly increasing day before cutting, we
  • 02:30: We have yet to see the state of affairs is ie how it grows well if all with him safely there whether any diseases in the case of appearance that we We can say to first and to Now look at annual increase which gains us formed in one year here these here young marrieds branches this is now annual growth for of money and even young regarding the tree this increase only
  • 03:01: palm my He is small of course then this tree or nedooformleno or more of these real diseases not visible and therefore he just is not enough nutrients so strong pruning once this tree I would not recommended boil so we do sitting pruning even inexperienced here here I should know the basic differences sprigs shoots but clear the largest such
  • 03:30: differences that can be see naked eye this means branches are different see this is now long branches with small gemmule me This growth sprigs annual young growth that formed during the the last year of the little about Cicek formed leaves and Here's the stubby here are plump plumule Here one two three four Okay stage of them will flower buds and flowers on
  • 04:01: which will then be ie apples before cutting branch, we need to know that we remove from apple future harvest or sheet apparatus If your operating surgeon basic tools that scalpel and scissors with the instruments gardener to trim This special drink and pruners often young gardeners inexperienced pull a mistake they use pruning ordinary hacksaw
  • 04:31: Wood for in such that's great it's not quite correctly explain Why in the first place so big hacksaw uncomfortable crawl to a tree and when you drink you you can hurt the next branch which in principle where they should be secondly because here these teeth here you can leave very curve tattered slice wood it will be bad branch can heal not heal properly or even dry up pruning
  • 05:00: it's desirable used dawuda special hacksaw and saws for pruning here is a tool as you can see it is not great little cutting blade long enough zombies divorced comfortable handle smooth tip a hacksaw can crawl any coils cut off a painless and does not before other neighboring the second main branch
  • 05:30: tool Sedov yes it even pruner most probably the gardener use shears when trimming secateurs are well some different stronger that may cut off thicker branches some weaker there are cuts branches centimeter pussy catarrh blade 1 cutting resistant 2 shears need use too know how that
  • 06:01: when trimming is necessary Holding the I then show how it do after pruning grower must sooner that enough big thick branches smeared garden with pitch it will protect from penetration infection from decay early and will contribute faster healing look on the twig start with we lower tier see that the branches too much wood It started in the case, so we
  • 06:31: remove all the branches is weaker because the tree the lower branches not finish feeding the lower faith as the ground less gets her food all the forces go to the top of all bitches really pogudit captures top space stretches down so we will choose buy it twig we remove here and this twig it is weak
  • 07:00: delicately refer to Compared to it, or fed and we remove here the sprig on the weak Malinka in the middle the money we have and shadows water and still not get food so we, too, it srezh twig we We will be cut off at ring that is on Calcium does it mean to of the barrel does not leaving stumps we will not be cut we are not here Pruning at the very barrel for this first little sawed to the bottom
  • 07:31: if not pruned detached car and then gently sawed off as much as possible closer to the center of this branch sectioning
  • 08:00: Strip the garden knife zamazhem thieves superimposed pairs thinly if we superimpose a thick layer over time, tone just drop off and a thin layer of here straight arms without any thieves or gloves smearing Now in this way then it is better to frame heal running side
  • 08:52: here's a look branch that our skeleton we decided to leave her Well, these are the two twigs and this and that part of the competition
  • 09:01: Now they are beginning to fray yes here friendly insert we count the tree to fray them interfere with each other let's remove more that's weak this thread it's a good strong with big branch Mia is a gain cut off the weaker her
  • 09:31: smear war big trouble for Wood is an acute You see a fork the angle of divergence look at this branch I'm here can freely here put your finger look at this when the branch is weighted yield under the wind leaves gravity Now imagine It is a bare tree can easily snap off see already gone this is now the furrow this is why I
  • 10:01: I recommend this branch remove the saw off it is more our competition conductor pay attention to these two branches the main conductor and 2 at an acute angle the waste they It located near both they both seek up such can not leave otherwise we instead one conductor get 2 and we do as a so this branch, we tidy
  • 10:39: plastered and tour courtyards you'd better make it horoshenechko healed how sore to me attached small unprepossessing plus very close to this branch and flower buds on her fetus is not so chic so much if we remove it we
  • 11:00: Basically not much that ie lose large crop, we do not We lose volume too tidy here is our slice of the idea it is not so great so sometimes these small cut not Well, we obscure about this tree I worried so still it is not married let's hope foot yard but I
  • 11:30: miserably our business is still there were many branches they are quite boring and so we are not here and so can a confidence assert that each leaflet will illuminated by the sun main index normal branch distribution is that between branches should fly to Rabbi and We do not fly but he as we said little tree we launched him we can worry too early cause therefore I made a decision simple spreading branches
  • 12:00: under the elms their pegs them apart labels must with and each subject to be a friend here we We see for two guide us formed so this branch we remove the see points developed in We, too, we prune leaving only one not escape subacute angle annual also sign again we fork acute angle it is cut off from Olympus
  • 12:44: remove branches inwardly crown We gave him this escape will ruin branches using ropes we have not its thin specially thicker dovyazali just such eyelet pay
  • 13:00: attention to the free a loop that is not We swing the vocals branch several times it may crash into tree all the more so we every day We will look for This fact is why he here's a free loop Do you see it here and it will provyazyvat already fixed peg and tied a peg
  • 13:49: allot another branch free loop I tie up
  • 14:07: we had a gentle pruning apple trees we Remove excess thickening branches branches reaching into but I draw your crown note that we We tried not not harm the tree slaughter it so Here we have this turned cropping Plus we have developed some branches for to crown better publicized sun we monitor this apple tree we look
  • 14:30: how it survives pruning it will which will harvest increase in the next year good luck in your garden to make crop properly competently slowly and we shall shoot crop reports garden subscribe to our channel