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  • 00:00: How it is constricted the chubby idle in Tsu Biggun So chubby idle island I'd do Nde a dvd I'm really anti-American turn ports in that expression Dawn That act Residents of Best House Erika Yazawa She will have to work as a member of the land ring I Actually have had serious worries that do not sleep only Saiku the future as an idle It's ah ah ah
  • 00:35: You can not have confidence in gravure in extreme blunted Body Type Such do I'll issue wh 4 generations Really neck is of by the heat such Yazawa go really Training began It is to say you say Erika Yazawa is really I trainer to thank you not Report the current situation to be referred immediately
  • 01:05: But such is so much chubby Cans Grande s Tomoten Nagai Naruto goo Raise your voice not think of Yokote in took off the jacket Yazawa Do Well hey is not the case What do the better I was tightening marked Do not get idol and blue in there what Of accumulated subcutaneous fat to accumulate Line of top wish for net guard
  • 01:35: It was so much feeling Ah ah ah Level that can not do longer Botchari Stars on yet written to you that or No wife of the official profile that allo 61 cm Tadashi and truth of West Ow Blockage Per below the navel of wonder Festa Cal for years mountain Why Gosune missing from the mouth
  • 02:06: 74 g official profile than 13 Senchimoddo position Whether it is possible to make really constricted in such and rod only 1 feeling Okay 10 centimeters will not reduce -10 centimeter strong strong Training to narrow the waist of Yokose own Or what kind of things the
  • 02:36: step 4 minutes Cerro burn fat Rectus muscle at the point the community shame to make constriction beautiful to train the three to wear Alpes salmon over the waist is also a non-fast clothes in the bottom of the locos Yeah yeah yeah However, if the fat as Yazawa is with plenty essential that dropping it magical beast It says there is training for the
  • 03:07: I want to place the rectus abdominis muscle, which spread to the front Say Then, the fat tends to burn Have horizontal line himself explains the much-valued Nohan Now on his back keeping the knees to the sister 90 degrees Cause the body without rounding the state from there That the time point of is in the breathing Buy a house while directing the eyes to each unit Please do cut hair all street
  • 03:41: re Yes it repeatedly Ideally to the donation of become hard in a state in which the Shuangfu chopping to Sanei town stretched is contracted That is trained This is a day 20 times 2 set Female mercilessly in the midst of immediately Yazawa that Yazawa is fully loosened training of Okose to challenge I put the
  • 04:17: Smoked one step told the Tei was It does not enter all I 2 e Pokke Yes, I went Iine put a constricted tempered the hunt step flank What comes with the The abdominal oblique muscle in motion walk to the flank Not What with female head and train the entire surface of the rectus abdominis muscle just It would be necessary to train one of the deep next to at the same time to make a constricted beautiful
  • 04:49: Here is also well self-confidence is a Nohan Tanaka Squat and at tiptoe It remains correct the corpse Although it brings to the next to the left off Hayashi Thumb and thumb will continue with your hands to face right beside it is the thumb of the previous right beside Uwan lower the center of gravity while there is a media that is
  • 05:19: So we will continue to nanny in In the same way as the other side With Yokohama By the free dl foot up and down When was the cream department of the West, I think I hear towards the right side of the bell I joined, but I think this is not done on the sleeves twist to the flank of muscle That is effectively trained Theft to this day the top and bottom of tomorrow by left and right 10 times When the single run I Do Yazawa'll do
  • 05:55: The large Sponsor Well there are basically chicle chest First it is more it uses this part is the waist is noble sound Do you have to go with the original system Kore First of all let me shoes opponents 2 Super Center
  • 06:26: cero c 3rd place Add the training to train the ban for attitude is bad character It says that this is also Magau beautiful constricted making roots The pelvis is on top of the straight tongue Continuing one month of these training and s to still call the 1 Say that there Tsunn pr Ah Fly up to the figure of Yazawa that and the next day except for the waiting room is strive to 4 fixed
  • 06:56: ani Capacity after much good is not I'm wonder a big success air double future Day theft to a predetermined sewing the interval of § monkey I had been doing every day I want deviated by I do not pay so much so Pain is proof of the effect of training
  • 07:26: I worked hard without that is attached to the longing of the constriction Hososhite 41 weeks no And promote high-waisted A slight change of surprise appeared in one week This header ase pane me me Challenge the constricted training waist 74 centimeter chubby Aiyakko
  • 07:57: The results of efforts to open up is a web store stock Change of surprise appeared in just one week Fetch down Tianshui Yeah yeah yeah 6 centimeters possession Achieve more than half of the acoustic Compared to a week ago it is doing around the time of without Rias Attitude was also getting better
  • 08:30: Great ne This could not go Yazawaru was well attention to this result I was doing silently the training even after that as four me That pitfall was waiting to Yazawa that looked steadily likely What eh That of the fourth day in Gaa N West as measured in the hope It is around 67 600,000 gar
  • 09:00: Battle 10 races d 4 Just a 1-centimeter head of the 20 eye to such does not, such as cutting corners Or exactly what kind of things the But absolutely no impatience in the horizontal And continue or stagnated and now inside stupa It has been gone Let us together Low bandwidth
  • 09:31: Do not force to burn the fat will rise if marked with A sharp decline in the other hand guidance wary brain Resulting in the reduced state hard As you begin constriction at once if it exceeds the performance Yokote says At that time much It appeared goddess again to inject motivation to Yazawa No, I think the line is also coming out Charisma model three sisters are alone roadside Angelica
  • 10:12: The Super Bobby worth I just have confidence that abuses were created I mean it can not be maintained to spawn in my card really cat Bumped the trouble of the portable device to a large senior as a junior to practice the teachings of this child Horizontal Severe do something have fallen to Sir Oh Tteyuu now plateau
  • 10:43: Oh Everyone from or accidentally rebound and I think lean not I'm this there is Well It looks like a no reservoir stress without having to worry about Fully because I've finished Toka We Datte article If you put your hand to A stress discrimination without having to worry about 1 Gay like of the game Yazawa return letter are in Akkerakan and the word Yazawa you want to know the day water of super body to ask Angelica To get to training separately together every time
  • 11:15: Ah ah ah In fact, the same eyes and even disgusting Saba of III science is continuing However Angelica all shake 0 compared to the choreography is clear like Gift of This is what Yokose of training Power that has really gold up invaded About I'm Tteyuu Hitotsuru keep distant sea Hmm No paint to scratch and Eve a total of 300 captured
  • 11:47: gg Is yeah c This spa Bobby's a thing that was born in day-to-day stack It has witnessed the best masterpiece of Yokote Confidence or the morning Nante motivated again Tai' Oh it began art brother habits and wife of the last spurt to one month of tf The goal is -10cm
  • 12:17: Or really Yazawa's was able to get the longing of the constriction Blockage I got on oo Really Is To achieve the results of the surprise slightly consistently after this Good The results appeared in the studio This How N Ju' Pui
  • 12:47: Na you Ne good Keiichiro live Sutsu It came out even day-to-day motivation Nde How was immediately effective after one week, try heat appeared It is something really of this year one of the photos facial expression is very different, which seems I Do It was good to come thing You are the king of the slider
  • 13:20: Let me show amazing I Ken Harrier Kana So right away Mantoopun'n so Not w ah ah Yeah There will ne muscle office I I You can also put in Athens say get to remember Mochoi Please also look at security
  • 13:53: Stomach us out it is now the city for them Is the much challenge before 74 centimeter there was Yazawa of West Noka' Tokyu was not equivalent hydrophobic On the other hand way to Prof Street 66 in people rar It would vomit lie received a g manual Yeah yeah yeah
  • 14:26: Yeah yeah yeah goo Nosao 14 centimeters happened you want to in the 9 b Tei