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  • 00:03: 5 Business is that there practically in each 5 manufacturer inches longer one 5 surprise Ginny It is not considered sign of bad taste and even vice versa every self-respecting Venter has his Portfolio 5-inch well, or it seeks to do the soon here as in the selection of main colors of clothing do not overdo it and to do everything elegantly but this is It turns out not at all I like australia always a pleasure monitor and evaluate news from the company the prestige of the company
  • 00:31: recently literally burst the smartphone market smarts line under common name MultiFon today consider a trademark do microscope buy prestigio multiphone 5044 duo this a this Adilov no joke so save elegant task is not simple tests and The sample was the case produced the same device will be in the black
  • 01:00: decision right I it is supported by two hands as all It looks stylish and black just still conceal dimensions because not for nothing at Cascina He said it is about a small black dress framing frame of being a metal adds solidity total confidence image multiphone 5044 duo but plastic Chinese toy is not looks back matt cover and texture resembles metal under certain angles fingerprints seen this sin and the powers that be I note the steep an accessory that comes more
  • 01:30: the back cover is made and on the principle of covers flip case or the flip cover the same samsung pushes such cases for surcharge but as they say buy expensive phone and carry it in a case is like love like gum but feeling safe those are not here that I very surprised and nice this assembly no backlash and no creaking there is a Black strong chak Noris designers could choose Balance glossy and matt surfaces given the current trend is to facilitate the smartphones prestigio
  • 02:01: multiphone 5044 duo can seem to someone tjazhelovatym but According razor Boris hero of the film Guy Ritchie severity is good the severity of it is reliable even if he does not rings always You can be cracked by the head is a huge plus this smartphone five-inch ps hd with the density of the screen Display pixels 293 ppi bad name the best among all 5 inch tongue is not but turns its price he is the best category sorry no oleophobic which cover quite effective
  • 02:30: protects the display from any fingerprints to they wear out easily screen readability under broad daylight very dignified in Overall a good screen color quality are natural saturation Front Panel completely covered tempered glass under the display familiar to android-smartphones touch trio context menu home and back over screen sensors, peephole front 2MP the upper chamber the line carried the port microusb and three and half mm jack headphone jack on my view solution sport is not the most convenient since inserted charge
  • 03:00: keep smartphone horizontal orientation is not so conveniently on the bottom verge of a microphone she left rocker adjustment Volume on the back the lid is 8-megapixel flash camera microphone chromium-plated prestige and logo speaker, and at the bottom on the transition to the the lower bound of slot remove the cover under cover manufacturer I put two connectors for ordinary Sims port for memory cards micro sd up to 32 gigabytes and battery with capacity of 2000 milliampere hour dimensions are almost the same like the samsung galaxy s4
  • 03:30: Smartphone only slightly a little more in the way its lineup multiphone the thinnest and lightest additional benefit for lovers mobile Photographic Art will 8-megapixel trail camera flash autofocus camera really It removes bad for smartphone for such the price obtained good pictures in bad conditions glare illumination and blurring hardly visible at night Camera images are not outstanding but the price It has paid off mode hdr shooting function Face detection panoramic shot smile detection By the way, in some modes, you can do
  • 04:00: just pictures Touching on mode icon fines and nice All about video just multiphone 5044 records video full hd format 1080p resolution I will say just the basic the appointment of the camera is il remember enjoyable moments on sound 5044 does not issue nothing special average quality here all in accordance delievery volume conversational dynamic enough and the quality transmitted speech It is high taking into account the level of the class
  • 04:30: Device therein set pretty powerful iron that handles all lay the names of his obligations and exactly quad January 2 gigahertz you mtk 6589 cortex a-7 and graphics powervr sgx544 operational 1 gigabyte of memory main memory 4 gigabytes of which is available only 163 such retribution for the memory low cost good productivity but do not be sad It should have slot micro sd up to 32 gigabytes free cards use devaysom will be difficult playing no PLAYBACK
  • 05:01: and not overheating I remarked on demanding games smartphone getting warm prestige multiphone 5044 duo preinstalled android 4 2 Belidzhi android April 2 dzhellibin his pure and intact a bunch of processor and videouskoritelya It copes well with all their problems It works well quickly without slowdown enough and preset applications and relevant I do not want to jets note coherence operating system and iron smartphone
  • 05:31: a single charge remain almost daily and complete combined load measured using here at In fact, all nice and clean game mode smartphone hold a about 3 hours I would also like highlight in the original reader and prestige reader with a beautiful registration at classic book shelf and of course you can buy immortal works in the built Store important books out of the box supported epub format and over secure the adapter and another wild card It is an office package aphids youth ask
  • 06:00: he is deservedly It is one of best to work with documents on android By the way, this is partially review was written with using his prestige not hog and immediately complete set version actually the presence of two slots very convenient that It makes multiphone 5044 duo excellent working horse for people which by virtue of profession forced chatting on the phone but do not want a carry two phones and and I do not agree on the equal proportions and multiphone 5044 duo balanced want uses for
  • 06:30: and not want to relax and drive in but gonochki for optimum speed not count accounts and can be just look favorite movie full hd format then developers fact We tried because in test versions were serious problems with optimization and now everything works as put each self-respecting smartphones and so We have as a result prestige could make decent captain of his smartphones team competitive benefit which is of the order of 340 dollars optimized for
  • 07:00: works for me strict design the smartphone will not seem third ear even in the hands of businessman from the pros You can also note build quality that this price segment very well of the downsides too small built memory just forced to buy micro sd card without use a smartphone it is impossible but I do not like when I was a something forced to be honest, for the while using smartphone is not the time he wanted to compare to throw us track ciao or samsung galaxy s4 but then caught himself
  • 07:30: because the price chasm between them is large but times such thoughts arose it means the company prestige is faithful road do buy confirms decent smartphone prestigio multiphone 5044 duo