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  • 00:04: hello my dear Beauty today I I share with you my favorite recipes chocolates they can be eaten without remorse they not only tasty but also useful for our health is Coconut oil It helps to lose overweight due high maintenance short and medium fatty acid chains it is easy to digest normalizes thyroid gland endocrine system It improves digestion
  • 00:31: calcium prevents tooth decay It helps the body to Anti-virus and causing fungi herpes model itself victoria secret Miranda Kerr constantly more than once She mentions her secret Beauty coconut oil per day two tablespoons coconut oil here above all, he has anti-inflammatory works perfectly shoots like internal and external inflammatory
  • 01:00: its processes can be straight even on the class wound because he Honey kills bacteria it is an excellent tonic for the whole body it contains a large number of different vitamins microelements enzymes, minerals but we know all about benefits of honey and when Honey gets inside our organism it kills germs some pathogens inimical bacteria heals wounds and normalize intestinal mucosa refer to the quality of
  • 01:30: your honey was excellent to get all the substances of him also add cayenne pepper to the content of vitamin c van even ahead lemon it use for weight loss because of the high the content of the axis price which It inhibits the growth of adipose tissue lycopene in pepper prevent the development of cancer cell a frequently used pepper warms blood helps clean vessels and it is very useful for
  • 02:00: hearts raisins rich antioxidants provides easy assimilable iron and useful for anemia Take an existing forest indispensable in prevention osteoporosis helps get rid of edema walnuts excellent anthelmintics means good polyvitamins improve the exchange of Substances useful for infertility potency as recently as Cocoa contains tonic substance is caffeine and theobromine antidepressants
  • 02:30: melanin which is cocoa protects against exposure sunlight but I also advise you to instead of cacao MRC is used fruit powder carob which is sweeter and rich proteins and calcium in my Unlike cocoa for example not caffeine and theobromine etc. we spill our candy molds keep in mind that honey and pepper constant It settles to the bottom of the first candy go out with flavored black chocolate I do them
  • 03:01: other thinner go nuts and raisins Well and the last it turns over sweet cookies
  • 03:31: We put in the refrigerator or freezer already after 10 minutes candies ready and that's all tasty and very useful if you themselves have recipes useful desserts you are welcome share them in with your comments She was direct wish you good health and with the appetite to meeting next video