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  • 00:00: I am often asked show how to fit Magician his options because not very many Today we will learn knit here such beautiful flower magician begin to knit floret thread, black or dark blue
  • 00:31: to do this sliding loop and then inside sliding hinges provyazyvaem 6 columns without sc 1 tfa
  • 01:01: you review 4 5 and 6 sliding loop tighten by pulling on the end strings and knit coupling loop
  • 01:37: connecting the first and recently loops first row below knit one air loop and in each loop provyazyvaem two column without sc and knit as before end of range
  • 02:08: in the end of the row connecting the first and last loop connective loop and knit next row provyazyvaem one
  • 02:39: air loop and then the next row We are doing addition all you need 6 make additions evenly distribute them circle the first loop I 2 loops provyazyvayu then one loop then again 2
  • 03:12: in this way Adds 6 loops dovyazav to the end of the series combine 1 last eyelet using coupling loop just do it already red thread then knit 3 air hinges sc to do
  • 03:42: hook and in the same loop where we leave Overhead chain provyazyvaem post with one further nakida knit on a two column one sc in each loop base 1 and column at the same point
  • 04:15: the second column and so knit to the end of rows of 2 columns with one sc in each loop base 1 and the second the same point dovyazav number to the end
  • 04:46: connecting the first and last loop connective loop continue just provyazyvaem three a number red thread Air knit 3 then loops column with one sc in the same point and then two column one
  • 05:21: sc in each loop base and so provyazyvaem only four species red thread
  • 05:54: I knit 4 rows and so my looks Flower thinner thread we knit the petals they will be more tender and flavorful in order to Contents seredinku we will need tie that's a a button, and they have We learned how to knit on a previous lessons
  • 06:24: We sew a button in flower center this is done thread dark blue that's the way a needle pierces the center of our buttons and sew a button that and that's the way repeat it
  • 06:57: repeatedly Now pugovichkami sieve and can be attach our flower to permanent place Unknown such as hairpins in the handbag or make him
  • 07:29: brooch