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  • 00:05: Hello to you see website software dot ru In this tutorial I will show how to improve the old Photos in Photoshop the first correction color and light and shadow before making some changes Duplicate layer clicking DJ control to be original pictures always at hand I started We will adjust the level of photos and light for so go layers
  • 00:32: new adjustment layer put level check on use previous layer create clipping masks to new adjustment layer used only as the underlying layer but not all that is, the underlying one who is under it to our original pictures no way It can be changed push cars and see how result will auto-tuning it
  • 01:02: It gave only a slight the result of trying to hand-over noticeable result 2 so leave it light correction and shadow choose again our layer that we will apply changes further we go in picture correction color shade expose sliders to the desired us to value disable and enable view to see how varies Photos Upload
  • 01:30: little light dark areas for to see more details can be press additional Options 3 photo filter can be set your filter to the image and the color that It will be applied to and the entire image create shade for all photos Remember to choose the layer which you will continue to work go layers new adjustment Here the filter layer We put a check to it was used only to the underlying condition
  • 02:01: they are the original and choose Photo Filter there presets the mouse wheel can be they scroll choosing you can choose do I choose the color little shade blue effect Photo Filter can adjust if this mask Photo Filter draw black color for We take this brush put black
  • 02:31: mum paint layer with black mask we erase effect layer of white light we restore it it always so you can say make blue and we do not say the way we want to paint
  • 03:14: So we have created little emphasis on Photo
  • 03:35: already a bit wrong boring and not Remember to keep not to lose If your changes something suddenly happens 4 to remove hall and stamped on keys which drank is here tool here stamp remove crease on photo for this press alt and choose a good piece on
  • 04:01: white photos cmos been planted in disadvantaged photos section made comparable Changing the stamp for this history Rollback and Take again
  • 04:31: forward has become much the best but in general the idea of ​​you We understand how to do it fifth use sometimes brush on photos required somewhere background dokrasit or less uniform section
  • 05:00: photo for this select brush pi or here and choose pipette which color we want to draw oh baby it or is there in this case I want try doing this I have a dark spot Opt for light land near flatten Adjustment layers with this picture
  • 05:32: Now create a new layer return to step back in history, you can pressing control alt xii generally small basis for working with black and white photos you understand this this video lesson is over Thank you all if video was you useful place thumb up or press like recommend this
  • 06:00: video friends who maybe this interesting or useful if the video was something it is not clear to you ask in all comments thank you all so far their votes