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  • 00:00: a video course stylish 0 for decoupage beginners and basics Materials from this video you will learn overview information on stylish video course 0 for decoupage beginners and basics materials than this videokurs useful to you and what you You can learn this video was created for the same name and age popular books methods and this book Review it possible found on the attack Online
  • 00:31: by train Descartes 21. pro features books and information video course is all about Decoupage and decoration with magic staff two in one this structure versatile and allows a nearly any solid wood surface MDF board laminate textolite and other property magic thing is use of this ended on surface and
  • 01:00: It eliminates the need for without soil Of course this is not Panacea is one of the ordinary light interesting and available methods decorations and decoupage the more proven more than five times years of use composition allows this claim and the product you You see on the website to 21 such py point performed using of this composition overall duration video rate without Application 5:00
  • 01:31: video quality possible for readability rate divided by 97 combined three in addition to the part free video course sent 9 helpful complementary video duration just over an hour needed theoretical information takes a minimum of time and maximum time only practice so you get more than six hours
  • 02:00: and to evaluate the video again the video quality is a way feed availability presentation you can view the two videos Now out of the video she Pasha 0 for beginners and basics materials and these two Video is in available on Online a tablet 5 21 cards. that round the course limit It is happening right your eyes observing the process decor using magic with again
  • 02:30: two in one for different faces you with zero to see birthday boxes decoupage on ceramics rice paper Kit and daughters Stands for hot decoupage on wood napkins Decoupage cards yet one box decoupage with printing on MDF chandelier decor on metal, so you see and learn how
  • 03:00: by one and of the same composition execute and so on ceramics MDF wood metal and similar fulfill decoration on other solid surfaces flowed laminate and plastic other way again cooked composition sufficient extended being stored is speaking about video course very brief and now almost more details to persuade them to hear and and learn what you can
  • 03:31: done with materials videocourses independently from this course you You learn in certain benefits training cat surface blend with using magic staff two in one experiment training surface to decoupage classics and two new compared the idea principle and recipes cooking composition 2 you the secrets the composition of the two in one
  • 04:01: juice and instruments application technique composition 2 in 1 and the practice of choice glue for decoupage in with different decor Materials about the basics sticking cloth different ways a secret unique to the blending popular the tissue motives about the features decor rice paper and such important card on one of ordinary preparation methods who print
  • 04:30: blend it adhered to blank on how to is a beautiful decoupage composition and a simple spectacular art and design methods works and formula the original product engineering decoupage that you can now In light of knowledge and apply it in practice, you are together to see this year independently You can be repeated with
  • 05:00: or without me prepare basic working compositions means two one choose appropriate surface instrument or easily prepare and independently prepare an attack I went to the surface of the tree three ways and the surface of the MDF ceramics and faience metal and by analogy other solid surface PCB laminate plastic and other compose
  • 05:30: harmonious composition give your perfection article Average score for this video course offering will answer questions you beginning dekupazhnits and not You know where to begin you are looking for interesting simple techniques manufacturing beautiful products decoupage technique you are a teacher or circle head arts and crafts creativity and
  • 06:00: wondering about whether there is available quality Materials for decoration at reasonable prices and where they take their portico without resorting to Internet or burning time of their delivered to you you search for available and new information decoration product engineering decoupage if you at least once answered yes then video course and stylish you blend for 0 beginners and basics Materials for you I always connected and
  • 06:30: willing to answer all resulting this video questions and this video other beneficial helpful suggestions you can find fire attack site 21 decor. about before the meeting and joy in the works