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Closing of loops without steps  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day today, I I want to tell you closing the hinge no steps to have We had a lo Only a smooth neat edge for comparison, if we will close the usual way we will be obtained here Here are the steps As you can see this is not so beautifully and bring difficulty when will perform but suppose so at I in a sample of 16 loops will close at 4 loops each group Group 4 will be the first group usually closed
  • 00:30: way that is provyazyvaem first 2 loop stretch one after another four closed loops provyazyvaem number to there is no end Distinctive changes next purl
  • 01:00: series we will provyazyvat up last eyelet this series I see the usual front embroidery to it was clearly so it is, in principle, the on the way to work all absolutely patterns whether it be the spit teksturka any and so dovyazyvaem up the last number of loops and turn work remove the first loop
  • 01:32: introducing needle for both front loop and stretch our loop that we do not provyazyvali last row Here on this first closed loop second We close the loop has the usual way 4 as the third loop You see here we have no such steps this series provyazyvaem a number to the end
  • 02:03: usually follows Wrong back row provyazyvaem up last loop last loop It remains on the spokes turn work remove the first loop and stretch out over it I not provyazyvayu loop
  • 02:34: next st usually close see how carefully obtained I close the loop on legal edges the only way this shoulder and the edge neck and armholes and It turns neatly and handy later when you performing
  • 03:05: as you can see simple enough