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  • 00:04: want to stay hated fat fartuh then go on the sofa, we begin to have my guest master massage Elena Tkachenko, who It helps to solve this just a problem 15 minutes a day or am I wrong there you Elena dips Tkachenko 14 hands saw pro massage today paint expert experience not initially do not have aesthetic figure correction you enter u to you Won master class that
  • 00:30: cellulite but we gave lymphatic drainage massage secrets with took on around the world for Stone therapy massage hot Stone published hd America and Thai massage began in Thailand in Buddhist monastery Tepper addition you mayst armies dlna come experts on Wendy a spa resort in the Crimea Truskavets enough devote 15-20 minutes Day and his problem areas and in two weeks you You will certainly see but the first results it certainly sounds
  • 01:00: like a fairy tale because millions of people all countries deals gyms sit on trying diets grow thin train the muscles at the same time can not get rid of fat just here in this area what It called fat forts yes it is really is the area which is difficult to leave almost least There are two types fat is subcutaneous fat and visceral fat that envelops our internal bodies and, in general there methods of influence on
  • 01:31: They differ in that As for visceral fat he Of course we can not be seen but the less dangerous it is health this fat hormonally active he blocks hormone production testosterone in men whereupon men acquire both they affectionately called beer tummy Availability visceral fat fraught heart attacks and stroke and related with the development cancer disease he there is also a plus on the
  • 02:01: it is easier to get rid than by subcutaneous As for the fat that subcutaneous fat it is not dangerous for the health with him harder still fight as a fight through massage, we we will fight mechanical exposure this complex general, is unique that it is sufficiently simple and to today our county meeting along with two volunteers well I prepared for two Olga and Time Alexander just trying to imagine this methodology twice daily
  • 02:31: day for 15 minutes, they do you self-massage the abdomen in the method with which you they introduced further Yes that's right, you can perform this Kakuta procedure so and in the evening or both morning and evening, Olga often fell off man and punched Claim kilograms after stress for Russia Italy one hundred and three centimeter hope a week later will result Alexander certainly you your first love and dub him as mother and to 100 centimeter Soothe
  • 03:01: We shall be engaged for purity of the experiment I started to Rain you changed sonorous and began to live up to given and a self-massage and Now I, too, along with you and your is truly remarkable methodology and I doubt that then for I want to do it every day let's start that we for this and our need a bed that is we will start after we just open your eyes or a night out this I conclude that full stomach immediately
  • 03:31: after meal It is better not to do conventionally it better do one hour before meals or h after half or two after eating we lie in bed better to bend the legs to the abdominal muscles We were relaxed and tweaks their movement starting in a clockwise arrow light Patients should not be First there first we gently-gently so it did not look chaotic, we can make a circle
  • 04:00: narrowing the diameter of the circle and if the amount of fat already such that the pinching not then maximum number of we can capture if fold really need use two hands we do this in two palm In a minute half a minute we increase the pressure
  • 04:31: Jaw skin should slight blush that in general, the normal and we need is water as a time to achieve and Within 5 minutes we We perform here are here movement we need to strengthen rush of blood to our tissues that, in general, I have to prepare further more vigorous effects on living
  • 05:03: county and in what form fat and thus We are working visceral or Exterior of a large impact on the subcutaneous fat and Now go take a shower all massage ending with no we go to the shower we continue yeah Olga and Alexander within two weeks were doing and this part of the self-massage for the abdomen perform movement clockwise and lateral abdominal muscles
  • 05:31: we up down here in this way massaging or to lymph flow You can also forward adjust water temperature cold hot that will also be contribute the best skin tightening and training vessels and what to do next rub the area of the terry towel get out of the shower continue our complex we still have five minutes of the third part complex in self-massage which resulted in if you do it correctly and consistently
  • 06:00: fat in the abdomen gone so now and already, and how much it will be for in two weeks you really notice the first results and we very soon check whether worked this method for Olga Alexander well, we Now imagine a third part of the show abstrusely We can do sitting We can also make as someone lying comfortably lying Bend the legs kneeling to live I was relaxed grab and folds We roll them between
  • 06:31: fingers like this way like squeezing out all unnecessary what prevents us but then must also be It may hurt to there are painful feeling but it does not should frighten than more will crush the better the results threshold should be to you yah not impact shouted after course this massage can be bruises on her stomach and Seneca be should then reception stroked tummy clockwise arrow reassured him
  • 07:00: and the following method is phalanxes like this we grab crease good not grind it is necessary to self-pity spared earlier when eat when you realize what is now temptation arises from of people ah, you can use massage fat remove then farewell gym and hello all candy should be complex then everything will be work and a hundred percent this physical exercise is correct food + massage
  • 07:30: all will be good and Finally, we can also phalanges cams slightly survive here on lymph little such pat I squeeze conductive movements and finish again circular stroke
  • 08:01: valid in my opinion in the This complex of our over 15-20 minutes day or twice a day and you will see excellent results It may be there some contraindications this massage a massage contraindicated pregnant women if there is any uncomfortable sensation in the stomach or you disease internal organs if the temperature of the soup and Patients on such Massage can be accurately Olga and do
  • 08:30: Alexander now The most interesting time of our meeting Valley I recall that in within two weeks Olga and volunteers Alexander who They believe they have the problem of fat in the abdomen We used the technique self-massage with a They were introduced and the county Now after two week we learn what results so they were able to way to achieve you are welcome hello glad see you mutually it was hard
  • 09:01: or well done each self-massage day on days when you do not wanted wanted sleep it was hard in those days when before that you yourself something allowed eat what course easily alexander you too all as rosy It was a self-massage initially caused even painful sensations because they said it is necessary to massage Unless and the first blush two days I just all I wanted to give a then we found at third or fourth day if you did plenty of that kind of which is no longer enough and he just I was involved liked
  • 09:30: especially water procedures but how things have changed I feel for these two weeks in the morning instead of the morning Charging a very good lifts Olya your mood after this I want to do run and even sometimes going to the gym two weeks ago were measurements made in italy and Alexander, and Ali And now we again we measure waist that being said feel difference to Helen let's help start with the field Wally Waist two weeks ago to
  • 10:00: the experiment was one hundred and three centimeter 99 it means that two Time waist and al Thinned by four centimeters and it without any additional effort apart self-massage as well Now I will try to 92 centimeters instead of a hundred two weeks ago I decisive result very happy for I have tried congratulations after the Second World War