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  • 00:00: dear needlewoman today I want you to do for to us by the purpose of which is It called German twisted set of loops or old Norwegian set of loops it is very elastic probably you all know set of loops so long end which called in mainly use our needlewoman so this set loops it too
  • 00:30: based on this method but it get even more resilient little it is more difficult to perform but all too complicated it becomes simple when it is mastered and So we have thread by glomerular this is the end of the thread I it is located on the thumb but it is not. she is glomerulus is it in me on the index finger, and so I take spoke but usually 2 course take but
  • 01:00: this case is not important Here is my first loop thumb from I have placed so two strands means with one thread the inside Here palms and the other not from the outside, I they are called internal and external and here I am getting the needle under both of these threads here and capture here see her hand top down internal thread
  • 01:30: thumb and I deduce it on the outside further towards the top I spoke picks thread work which the is my on the index finger but this time I just like so bent finger a large and thread that I look was Internally it will foreign and I was under it I am bringing here this needle with a loop of workers thread here at me now
  • 02:00: Here is the loop on I let go of the spokes thread with a large finger and tighten well of course not highly addictive so you can It was easy to knit 1 row so I formed two the first loop on the knitting needles let's see more just like I'm doing the loop this method is not so che I repeat
  • 02:30: I am getting a needle two strings on thumb here so from the inside of the hand here from top to bottom I swoop internal thread Now that is thumb and I pull it over here upstairs on the outside side etc. I grab needle thread work which the located on forefinger my at this time I She bent her finger great and am getting
  • 03:00: the loop on the knitting needles here under this thread outside that I used to be internally that's the way let go of thread with a large finger and tightens and Now I will I try to slow show without the but my comments that it is clear and so here and again as you can see
  • 03:33: when those so I can this thread Top finger and he seemed He wants to bend here in this way As you can see nothing complicated about it enough to make once, and then go to the machine
  • 04:04: here is a typesetting number of turns here's a look and Now I want you show pattern I have performed by such set of loops just gum see it very good stretched and
  • 04:34: returned to their the previous state have an edge really get a very malleable elastic than the method long end we all know course itself but also flexible the more elastic but if there is something better why they would not take advantage of thanks for it