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  • 00:01: a Friends, we continue to a series of programs which is called prepare in multivarka Redmond and today we have this a program called proper nutrition is that you are used to to buy in stores
  • 00:31: bread and yogurt baked milk pate today will cooked in multivarka on different models I multivarok Redmond just imagine the 0 1 baby model food the first few multivarka on Russian market which is designed specifically for cooking children are not Only children also in this Multivarki can cook dish for absolutely Family portable absolutely can take with him can be taken in trip is the most
  • 01:00: important to rest and there where you are not sure is that you will feed delicious quality at fact that these multivarka possible to use in if the car connect the inverter Battery and the move you can cook 110 model multivarka-cooker here again great amount features distinctive features which are in multivarka-cooker cooking review on my ribs his favorite first cooking
  • 01:30: popcorn preparation fried foods so much so frying process frying open lid closed cover in general sex with also preparing pressure that accelerates cooking due the fact that under pressure temperature increases up to a hundred twenty-eight degrees and the actual so the pressure cooker cooking food It takes you in two half the time and multivarka Redmond 90 model here michael this multivarka has 3d heating
  • 02:00: side and upper heating elements create effect Russian furnace do this and implemented such programs like vexation at this program can be prepare these dishes like grandmother prepared in Russian furnaces and programs Bread Program Bread Today we we disassemble more detail and prepare with you oatmeal bread for each for each lineup multivarok books book with recipes please is 0 1 Model 160 recipes
  • 02:31: completely amazing ragout meat soup mushroom buckwheat crumbly to 90 model 200 to 110 prescriptions model 120 recipes great amount which you recipes the book does not find who earned specially chefs company different site multivarka. about where we are also on site forward and your First Response to the program Secondly proposed that the we remove any
  • 03:01: dishes you're interested in ask questions Paul the chef company Redmond will answer them and so I actually presented bread today melted milk market and almost fermented baked pie Friend company fish the way only company that accompanies user multivarok on over in fact all all in all the time and is the only company that It provides this service for good hotline phone if there technical or culinary questions you
  • 03:30: on it can call phone can be found at multivarka. about either in the recipe book and telephone hot line can be communicate with chefs really Mikhail and yet we have Group VKontakte Duma capabilities read our but for us the last news and novelties latest recipes And now in the process of cooking to start start making bread we will mix all so the dry ingredients well lived metallurgist is oatmeal we oat bread balance oat bread
  • 04:00: so it is with us sunflower seeds salt as sugar so dry yeast mix all dry ingredients liquid ingredients this we vegetable oil and Pull out the water as the water and the water is actually all by grandmother dough recipes done to 0 and 1 tablespoon something pocket oat bread oatmeal water at room temperature Mikhail 50 per minute she will bake on the one hand and 50 - other hand the is actually speaking after 2 hours we
  • 04:30: We see how their caravan present there periodically issues set online multivarka. about correct Compliance recipe from why is not there again sometimes rises is-baked there are some 23 carved technical especially that even what are the tricks Chef Michael Tricks no no can actually very much to pay attention to life yeast shelf because the longer the shelf life of those they incontinence lose their Activity and if
  • 05:00: hostess in the previous just not used sachet of yeast I put it in refrigerator under skrepochku is not means that the yeast We started working yet One question that periodically asks it should comply with clear parameters which are given in the book or recipes improvisation greeting all the same before I want to place something add more something less improvisation course welcome such issues such as pastries first should nevertheless strictly adhere to proportions and since understanding can be cook something layers or visit Multivarki on site.
  • 05:30: or password you necessarily today see on their TV screens recipes making bread follow first try make prescription and then we can experiment with various additives batter lined we have leveled close the lid Multivarki a button menu choose program multipovar establish 35 degrees This temperature is proofing our test and we are now proceed to cooking pate cooking
  • 06:00: paste you look program series Transmission is It called the cook of multivarka Redmond Michael Pate, we We will prepare and beef liver on classical first on prescription liver and vegetables should be then will fry they extinguish Grind blender add butter Cloverfield to say why so let's go Next we will do pate all did so cut vegetables big after the process heat treatment my grind
  • 06:31: Now blender We take the liver liver and the films release it Michael if we cook liver Stroganoff yes I do liver should be freed from films and has become obsolete with the cooking pate this is not required because multivarka-cooker 110 is first we then fry dota noise and no trace of films and He lived not remain So pretty spice We stayed one inseparable as salt
  • 07:01: but it is necessary and I was alone ingredient under called Mars oil we will almost the very end in the end fine choose program hot and waiting when begin the process cooking Izhevsk grumbled juice let that hint we can only Stir and and cancel the program close the lid frying pressure cooker install valve
  • 07:30: high position pressure to choose program quenching consistent pressing set meat cooking time Small 30 minutes 30 minutes we will ready foundation of our pates which are then vzobem blender and add the oil in expensive blender add butter and mix well and ready pate I remind you that we Today we prepare to assistance Multivarki-cooker redman 110 model 90 the model we already
  • 08:00: ended proofing I test after the end Multi 30 program s canceled avtopodogrev order To reduce the dough does not Now we brewed will translate multivarku on program and bread set 50 minutes in order to hlebushek first cope with a sides I easily unusual to Paul appears multivarka where we yogurt yogurt if his drinking put in refrigerator at 4 June hours it will God experience that
  • 08:30: you can add fresh fruit of the author remains only we tell him he made us his prepared based milk and cream leaven in the form of fasting clage this recipe or ugurta there in our books on Online multi okay. and about our group in contact with the way online multivarka. about not only text version of this recipe but also video I hope that you with pleasure see if the you want to cook yogurt take yogurt yogurt He is preparing us to temperature 38-40
  • 09:00: degrees so the cup Cold can take in the hands of a wonderful drinking yoghurt let's reverses bread let us overturn hlebushek one side to the other set the bowl multivarku yet again time program and bread install and after that we prepare Pate Well all it a few seconds in the program preparing multivarka Redmond
  • 09:31: translate to but in fact it is beautifully simple it already nice and it is so you can have but that Michael got to me The hotter let your garage tongs that can be sold separately and so and so and everything without any effort increasing container removed from me Multivarki-cooker
  • 10:00: we need to merge excess fluid leave absolutely no extra liver slices carrots and onions from which we will do today pate so all weight basis ready blender we no longer we liked remove to taste it was more saturated and process to solidify it We took the form of add it
  • 10:30: butter and mix thoroughly Now oil paste ready it needs make for Basically, you make it perelazhivaem special molds which then my It is convenient to get here and it all placed in refrigerator to pour remove pour in fridge choose Well start get bread we
  • 11:00: ready hot fresh hlebushek laid out on it tablet and give him cool it skillfully Still Michael Note bowls handle absolutely cold Dad cup hot while However, calm keep hot fresh bread that was own implicated is made from bake in multivarka rhythm of 90 years Michael
  • 11:31: on us today bread today we have almost the today or whether yet and fermented milk melted products milk and cut let us turn off Now we are going to do that from what we It means to cook cooking baked milk you need milk fattest cream in 33 per cent of milk pour into a bowl Multivarki and everything all left to put on routine longing program
  • 12:00: longing program grow with the most Russian furnace effect install longing program on five o'clock all leave our melted milk breath no and we is cooled pate we ready bread we ready Yogurt is another of melted milk we are preparing fermented baked milk from which we will prepare ryazhenka all through a few seconds The program is ready to multivarka Redmond
  • 12:31: friends for as long as we preparing melted we have milk froze froze pate it can already be out onto a plate light overturn pate is beautiful Decorated with us basil tomatoes cherry and that we have the milk and melted milk we Now we are ready on the ground in a glass of the remaining part we will prepare ryazhenka that is, we are from baked milk we jump nipples like this is You know the process
  • 13:01: overflowing one the other, we have prepared milk and cream of melted milk we baked milk will be in the same Multivarki cook fermented baked milk for their to us from naplela milk cook mode as we need cream or this product, we We will show you literally in a few seconds in the program prepare in multivarka Redmond Well, that's what friends finale in Our program is not I cease to be amazed as the milk we
  • 13:31: They turned it into milk in melted milk frenzied farce turned it in ryazhenka and where is it and here it is Michael ryazhenka and here because for her look what thick and what a beautiful color completely breathtakingly see what we turned and yogurt baked milk ryazhenka someone just bread someone on bread smear pate cooked in multivarka
  • 14:00: Redmond cooker 110 model friends are all you it can do home to Witte the last moment here these here products you buy in the shop Now you need only buy Ingredients cook it own all details on the website multivarka. rock them from your permission to drink cup sour milk freshly cup of yogurt but and this one here sandwich which we You make your own
  • 14:30: all hands ingredients here but Now in addition to tomatoes cherry been formulated multivarka to new meetings and in our new programs that called to prepare multivarka Redmond once again decided to cook company Redmond Paul once it really taste until we meet again until
  • 15:06: a