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  • 00:00: for the preparation of this Lukashou us You will need to make dark chocolate all melt smoothly in a water bath then baking paper laid on one tablespoon now certain distance of dark chocolate Put the top of a small spoon White chocolate
  • 00:34: stretch chocolate Yet the countries as they say, and chocolate 0 leave it
  • 01:02: wither with approximately day then cut the base Get decorating neatly remove the collection point in order to secure our decorations on the cake we will need to be Melt a little escalator it We consider chocolate brush plastered on decorations such strong
  • 01:35: this should be done very quickly to fast chocolate is not melted to deliver tax cuts map at the end of the case a small incision lubricates the base of jewelry also melted chocolate supply corr
  • 02:07: what are you almost ready to enjoy your Tea Party