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Master class on registration of beadwork in a frame - an icon the Mother of God Kazan  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want my video and show little I will tell execute its embroidered work frame I mean you ordered I remind that the frame Frames sizes needed sent by internal here internal dimensions that is here and so on higher than the why because master himself will consider the size here
  • 00:30: Now these puzzles posture may be different 5 6 millimeters millimeters us at applying for frame must be considered finished work frame we have done on our work required she embroidery Once again the size of the finished work that's I need to be here this Here's the basic substrate It means this is now hardboard
  • 01:02: Here we are like I have a soft pillow here we double we use foam five millimeter in two layers of meaning lower layer cut a little smaller here you see topsheet cut out more here how it looks from hand means more I want to remind that Now this here is the bandwagon Here's the substrate we cut with and
  • 01:31: grooves to it we I lay in the very frame if we order frame if we order a frame for finished embroidery on finished embroidery the support we we support But with the cut Given these here here Lasik so here it is even to become a traveler and so the frame itself
  • 02:00: next frame is ready basis for the substrate ready for the future We work we need work itself and Stapler on you You see how it will be take place
  • 03:15: we have our release We customize a base and then look to backlash and clearances were with all sides rovnenkie to gap and went all
  • 03:30: This smooth side Of course you can do one person but there are some difficulties so well if someone you This will help for this we need to align and at least one that's the basics we Now we try align up and fix a stapler if a well that can be it will be all
  • 04:02: remove if somewhere inconsistencies will where the irregularities that It can then be trim so we shoot you like We do the bait and will quietly try on and now we will try to
  • 04:32: in the same language and do the bottom job that is, we shot in two places needed shoot in two or three places and
  • 05:01: Now we can try we can try Well, how would the top and put a frame see how we He entered the top and bottom and knock what we we can trim we continue to stretch then at us now upper and lower part as if ready
  • 05:30: Now we are engaged side parts
  • 06:44: that is, we are now you you like We pulled the top often have you seen lower lateral parts Now we try and make primerochku
  • 07:00: see where we which are either clearances if you had seen whether or not it means we have We had a gap a small one side to side hand we do
  • 07:35: Now we can have clean and legonechko and as we did the side was a little small the gap and now again we see an example and if somewhere we
  • 08:00: something we will be seen can again slightly pull
  • 08:49: that is, we can every time that doing very gently work We can reconcile both you would be inserting here You see the finished work in the frame and because they have It remains visible white
  • 09:00: cloth to it was not necessary to do suspenders Thanos it will be ugly Now try to do next fitting here it means now You can see that Job all done look carefully then nowhere to be seen not visible white fabric nowhere gaps
  • 09:30: clearly remains to be seen corners to evenly went to the top corner slightly literally millimeter was seen it all now! Pull and fix stapler
  • 10:02: often I look now our canvas embroidered lay very full nice and tidy our support if I'm closer to you now! show that you have You see that nowhere gaps nowhere it is seen white fabric means watch this
  • 10:30: especially important to has corners were rovnenkie clean teeth side portions beautifully went and if you let's work embroidered with but if like You would need to edging try hard that's all there was rovnenko to beads I did not go on to drama Simply it is necessary as be patient and efforts that we have fully prepared to work the fact that it would be like further consolidate
  • 11:01: further means the process we have this that is if you have further here such a material What's a hardboard we cut it little more than itself to us as well, to that's what she get a little less than the frame itself Do this if you
  • 11:31: see if you can see in on hour upper side but it must be part of close here this here All that's it's all Well how would this here all the work that is if not then you will need to be carefully cut corners to put glue is all you need be careful cut here is all cleaned but as to work was beautiful and tidy, we we use
  • 12:01: We use the same hardboard cut more than this job but less than the actual frame and now we'll set Now that that's part of the type and a back wall, she closes all bumps all here These here are the entire fabric
  • 12:30: can be used as if the loop work will located somewhere on wall and let's sold in any clothing stores workshops baguette workshops Lesya Ordinary matter how metal petelechki screws and like fasten we vymeryat middle of our work and anchoring it here
  • 13:01: loop if work will settle It sets course somewhere in a place like this you can like and do not use today we carefully boom from pursuing angles and now on top
  • 13:36: now so you can to walk on the side Part of your job gently rovnenko through the 3 rd prize brackets
  • 14:30: Now you bottom sweep part to fix also smooth and the top Here is such a part of the we turned the back part of our work here such here metal petelechka small screw that's how
  • 15:03: now it looks style work Here such here beautiful that is, I will show I told that I stuck rhinestones but as you can see that at a stretch at all all the processing they have remained in place that is, they are not touched they They have not fallen off not keeps perfectly I believe that
  • 15:30: was very very beautiful beautiful work I would be happy if my Tips will be useful and you will be able to them and
  • 16:02: use them as if in actually all creative until all success till