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Knitting of a round rug from the cut fabric strips a hook - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:08: hello can not be not a hook and strips of cloth Here is such a rubber this green polosochkoj language and green cloth
  • 00:35: threaded hook five do pigtail of 5
  • 01:05: so to writhe now we have was killed close to the Ring and make 6 loops because I think not enough ring a turn ganging ring, and then we We will do ganging
  • 01:30: ring and leave here are really about we will continue do air loop aerial 3 loops and bars with sc sc provyazyvayu first 2 loops and again under the sign again nakida 8 hole
  • 02:00: which points to poke hands here What I have here is Now that's a hole here take two loops a little tugovato and two fives yet one here is such a he
  • 02:33: It will be linked to all our if the mat specifically took brief string that show that it is possible sew if there is no mana well, just roads and you can sew on target teeming need igolochkoj decided jumper circle and likewise
  • 03:00: We continue to knit right now I'll show you how to hide unsightly edge here you see purple rope we should remain inside to the mat He looked at us and outside with a beautiful beautiful inside out to merge All this should be we continue within Scripture is, we see
  • 03:30: that the mat starts fold not We can make one hole and 2 column or even three depends on how knitting process will pour upon each option and then for we have a number of look at their we continue to work knitting just as pro
  • 04:02: package on a whale when ends rope move another color All this of course yes a prop contrasting or under to colors Now that we but it turns out exactly also fit mats to the end thanks for attention