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  • 00:00: Hello to you Again, I aksanar Ushakov, now I will make natural makeup me today a cute girl that for 63 years her name Tatyana she also really wants transformed and look younger his years honest I mention all this for age do not think so as any woman in any age young soul with age I worked and even over the most adult Model I was 76 years old who, after make-up
  • 00:31: sent his girl-friends drink tea in a cafe then I did not do it natural make-up I made holidays all ages make-ups I have many all depends on which model where it going she will be dressed well, and so on encouraging factors but will not deleted from topic back to natural makeup By the way do not forget to leave their comments with questions about the problems makeup face model
  • 01:06: prepared for application tone cream I put or render a brush under the eyes of our told why before
  • 01:32: Now nanoshu concealer and eye eye and pass them all wrinkles and dark spots small pimples also I remember
  • 02:07: So did look open
  • 02:55: now it all powdered pass face light sliding movements
  • 03:29: Special attention
  • 03:30: corrective morning there's a lot of that We need to visually hide look attentively
  • 06:15: emphasize eyebrows dark brown pencil and then shade it
  • 06:41: nanoshu shade as well as and the previous model first light on the mobile eyelid and the inner corner eye and then more dark on top eyelid and finish again light mix them with dark shadows
  • 07:38: black pencil I worked out between cilia to give them density outer corner slightly also raise pencil and then his shade so as not to be seen clear boundaries
  • 08:13: a little walk on upper and lower eyelashes mascara
  • 08:45: I use dark pink pencil lips some of his I give shade lips natural contours and then I impose pink lipstick recall dark lipstick only Do not use old their
  • 09:42: Here's a make-up we I turned as previous model Tatiana pretty and now I am quite in country all while up new appointments