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  • 00:00: hello salad Caesar is very Popular salads it is very tasty and light is applied to the table immediately after cooking more often all the dishes of Chicken over the years the existence of there are many different options this salad we want to offer you classic Caesar salad version first of all
  • 00:30: prepare the sauce We separate the two eggs proteins from egg yolks remove proteins in refrigerator in this recipe I we shall not need at yolks desired, to pasteurize this ever stirring heated on the water bath to temperature 55-60 degrees Celsius grind three fillets
  • 01:00: anchovies add the egg yolks add the juice to the same one lemon mix add a quarter teaspoon salt and quarter teaspoon ground black pepper add 2 crushed cloves garlic whisking all the time the resulting mixture was whisk
  • 01:31: pour a thin stream 150 grams olive or another vegetable oil whisk until smooth and gentle sauce 400 grams of leaves lettuce desirable romaine lettuce and my obsushivayut We run up in a bowl add 70 grams grated cheese 150 g of Parmesan
  • 02:01: trained 200 croutons gently mix adding prepared sauce again carefully stir once Put the salad bowl decorate with the remaining We serve and croutons table Caesar salad It serves mostly to chicken dishes but you can also apply
  • 02:32: to dishes Seafood and meat dishes cooking recipes from Chicken seafood and meat can be found at our website or in Russian in the second section meals inspiration luck and Bon Appetit