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  • 00:00: my name is mine we today we will do a very interesting points Assistant in the pan for cottage cheese cake-pan us with you you will need curd I took cottage cheese weight 250 two-thirds sugar cup flour 300 grams and, perhaps it will take more than 2 eggs Vanilla sugar and baking powder and we still need salt deep bowl mix cottage cheese sugar one-third
  • 00:33: a teaspoon of salt and vanilla sugar all good grind if you use coarse-grained cottage cheese or cottage cheese skim then I recommend wiping through a sieve now add eggs and good again we are mixing now sift our flour
  • 01:06: dough when the flour and all these remains a little you can add there already a baking powder and Sift Through It All together we have a good mix we get here
  • 01:45: such here tops is sufficient elastic dough now put frying pan warm up medium fire and cook a little flour 100 to form whose balls are unroll fascinatingly frying pans yes to my our view it turned out pretty loose dough we need a little help so I'll add there is another gram 30-50 flour beforehand immediately you are safe on them working surface where I will mix dough for 30 grams of flour is quite
  • 02:39: enough now we make a tourniquet from the test not such a sausage and divide our will be at 16 parts are rolled out every part thin plastic the size of our frying pan for it frying time should already warm place her on an average fire
  • 03:10: even slightly lower so that us our pancakes so I will say flowed and will bake for 6 roses warmed up neatly on dry frying pan move the knife rolled pancake lay out align it to form frying pans on frying pan and leave baked baked on average somewhere about 34 minutes so check how it is roasted and we will turn over I passed three minutes I I can turn our
  • 03:40: biscuit golden cats so we bake all our biscuits I'll tell you right away. turned this Skins begin unroll nasal it turned out good pile Korzhik now they still hot while they cool down we we will deal with you CREAMING CREAM for our cottage cheese cake-pan and I decided
  • 04:10: use banana cream with ricotta begin to form cake we take one we take the milk how is it there is implied our cream like this I advised to do we impregnate a biscuit slightly lay out the dining room a spoon of cream you need slightly more and now we will
  • 04:41: lay out unusual cake say we are laying out skin a little crooked and so forming the whole cake formed our
  • 05:12: cake now you you can decorate either circles are permissible biscuit can be You can decorate cocoa decorate with grated chocolate or Choose berries can be cut by themselves I'll pour the bananas crushed biscuit here it turns out very appetizing but if u you have a desire you can pour it melted chocolate or something he now has
  • 05:42: us a little bit stand at least a couple of hours and I Then I'll show you what kind of cake we have will be in section stand cake recommend in warmth make it faster Soaked and would be more soft because in refrigeration process impregnation will much longer and will take somewhere a few hours from us it took a couple of hours We will try cut our cake let's see what we have inside and out represents the very soft multilayered
  • 06:28: very beautiful it turns out very tender pleasant appetite setting I decided to make a cream with ricotta it's fine highlights the taste rugs and makes it very gentle this cake you can try him and familiar with others streams allow quick cream of mascarpone great will suit and simply custard excellent highlights the taste too, has become a cake is also preparing minimum products
  • 06:58: which you can always practically found in fridge cook try write your comments will all be very happy all bye sign on to my channel