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Knitting of flowers (flowers) spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: I want to show you How to Knit a Flower I gained 56 loops 56 loops 1 series I knit seamy loop and height you need to knit 14
  • 00:30: Now I knit rows 14 rows in garter Viscous now after we finished Knit 14 rows Last here a back row we provyazyvaem so I first distal edge then rented 4 purl January 2 3 4 4 purl one loop
  • 01:03: we simply reset with needles and how to it turns out that petelechka dissolved more we provyazyvaem 8 backstitches times two three April 5 6 7 8 here we are 8 backstitches Knit next we Again one petelechku
  • 01:33: reset with spokes and we omit it not knit us just let go of provyazyvaem on May 8 backstitches times two three April 5 6 7 8 and again we reset one with petelechku two needles and three times 4 5 6 7 8 8 5 years we knit
  • 02:12: magnum again reset with spokes and reserve not knit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 loops again, you can Do not reset provyazyvaya again two or three times on May 4 six July 8
  • 02:42: Again mana petelechku omit not provyazyvaem 4 petelechki is now time two three four 4 backing and 1 bead it must edinichki that we on to make
  • 03:13: Here we see the petelechki Here we dismissed on them to dissolve wind more here we dissolve the it turns out like this after all as I said, we to dissolve all here These lowered our petelechki our petelechki we need
  • 03:49: dissolve and Now is now following petelechki even the we disbands
  • 04:19: then here again we
  • 05:05: lowered petelechku after eight knit loops It is not one knit so we I must dissolve and dissolve you flower easily fit can be an ornament
  • 05:35: Again knit 8 1 then fired Kotelnich to take blow little skate here
  • 06:13: following through 8 the loop goes again stocking petelechka here are my and but omit petelechki
  • 06:54: not until the end but the first row and the second and we have a number of tied down there century, it falls almost to the last the beginning of our series knitting and here we omit petelechku We omit our kilechku then what happened
  • 07:42: we see so It turns 8 loops in we knit one petelechka August 1 Knit 1 we Now what we do we are the first we bead omit January 2 3 4 4 petelechki we knit front Then we spoke to login
  • 08:13: our loop that we have omitted that petelechku we have omitted we introduce it and provyazyvaem front petelechkoy so we it is raised as if here again about two times three 4 5 6 8 and again we
  • 08:43: grab our petelechku lowered and provyazyvaem it facial Video on how to immediately rising again further provyazyvaem and again we grab our petelechku we lowered again provyazyvaem front petelechkoy
  • 09:14: Again we grab our petelechku here our petelechka which we put and and provyazyvaem front Again we have the right
  • 09:45: grab our petelechku we lowered provyazyvaem front petelechkoy and here we still have one we stayed grab our kilechku tied face You've got 4 4 1
  • 10:17: we have the edge there we see Now it turned out, we our loops raised 3 is not raised here this we get raised Now our petelechki visa night we
  • 10:47: overturn our the product on the backing a number that my case we provyazyvaem 3 petelechki one petelechku provyazat 3 petelechki one 3 eyelets knit VNU petelechku and so all
  • 11:18: the next three petelechki provyazyvaem one petelechku one girl All loops dial 3
  • 12:09: petelechki one I am seen so received three petelechki
  • 12:46: Now we all our
  • 13:18: knitting and because both provyazat 3 petelechki one in two petelechki one here so we and should have so I have a I device I took a needle deuce Days thread soul is very bad comes thread threaded
  • 13:51: Now that is not easy we need to make us These need our petelechki all reshoot on needle thread we make a copy with thread So we remade on but
  • 14:58: our all petelechki Now we contract thread contractible our petelechki here in knot and tightens We try to make it tighten our petelechki all that is
  • 15:29: we've pulled together our petelechki we need we need more our region sew that's our edge, we we need to make We sew our region we is not here. there is
  • 16:34: my little subjected to night here is our or our edge
  • 17:25: otshili our region we now our floret should spread straighten our floret Here we turned
  • 17:59: Here is a ready flower before that I knitted flowers It can be in the middle, bead can be buttons of that we have such I get a nice composition to the exit the original can be decorate here any thing Here are my turned charming flowers inside thread
  • 18:29: I decked them beads need pugovichkami possible beads because he is very fit and very easy I advise you to try to link ornamentation