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Tasty home-made white loaf in an oven  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon or evening Dear visitors channel today we you prepare here this white home bread with a crust with a soft grain structure bread crumb We will prepare from wheat flour let all of order that we need for cooking bread teaspoon high-speed
  • 00:32: Yeast very moment I take away then 400 grams wheat flour heaped teaspoons 2 tablespoons sugar tablespoons vegetable oils teaspoon of salt and 300 milliliters tap purified water despite the fact that recipes using yeast high-speed which should not be previously
  • 01:02: dunk yet before you start kneading the dough I I do brew I take one teaspoon yeast spoon no slides a little more nothing very scary not up to the same here
  • 01:32: add 1 teaspoon spoonful of sugar with a slide here I add two tablespoons wheat flour well, as well as 50 milliliters of warm I stir this water A liquid
  • 02:07: shoplifting cream too, should also if you do not get it turns out that add a little Water is such on consistency should be get this dough sparse sour cream about this issue and seek Now leave our kneaded with brew room temperature of 30 better 40
  • 02:37: minutes to increase its volume at 2 to 3 times I knead the brew despite the fact that recipe uses high-speed yeast only for to check operability Our yeast or we can just spoil the food ie if dough our calling will come into two to three times very Yeast our workers and we can safely kneading the dough
  • 03:07: cook our hlebushek waiting 25 minutes we went We see the volume increasing our time has passed for 40 minutes our dough increased in the amount of two times there are bubbles on surface begins cook knead dough for this 400 gram flour wheat to it sated oxygen
  • 03:37: Russian through a sieve add flour 1 teaspoon salt without slides add our apparatus introduce water add one tablespoon vegetable oil lasted less than knead our here is a test gentle elastic
  • 04:09: the dough does not stick their hands on you in the end should have if the dough has turned for example a little watery watery It depends on the grade of flour bring it to this a position to addition of small flour if it is too tight dryish turned the add a little water vymeshivaya dough killed in a pan
  • 04:39: Cover and put in oven for 3 hours for lifting the test at light bulbs included that give us temperature wind closet 25-30 degrees Celsius hour passed evident that our dough rises increases We are waiting for more volume 2:00 It took another hour our dough continue
  • 05:10: increase in volume insert another ventures I passed this hour the dough Our dough is ready our for those three hours increased volume almost 3 times knead again Ashat 106 received the form in which we
  • 05:48: we bake our bread lubricates vegetable oil here I special purchased orchids form if when I was not there, I bake just Ukraine and iron pans and shift the form baking dough you little crush and put our form to test for
  • 06:18: proofing in the oven cabinet-enabled lamp for 30-40 minutes for raising test 40 minutes passed, our the dough has risen We begin to bake bread for this raise the temperature in the wind oven to 170 degrees Celsius and bake our hlebushek for 50 minutes It took 50 minutes no taking the bread out of
  • 06:48: add the oven temperatures up to 210 degrees Celsius and We bake our hlebushek for another 10 minutes he at the same time faith in oven we It took off 10 minutes hlebushek ready bread taken out of the mold We put on the grid and abundantly moistened top crust with water water from ordinary tap filtered to
  • 07:18: crust to look at to crust on It became our little Stich took it after what We cover it Ilyin towel leave to cool about an hour eventually we
  • 07:48: Now this has turned hlebushek if you like recipe put huskies we subscribe to channel all pleasant appetite and to new meetings in the new recipes