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  • 00:00: my name is yuko tanak introduce them and tanaka contour massage This method will help you reduce wrinkles spotted bags by the big and skin flaccid if you do it every day it will return you your young appearance of ten years ago so for someone like you who wants have a young appearance makes this massage
  • 00:30: constantly I'm going to demonstrate the massage method to continuation Thank you [Music] the contour massage starts in the front towards the chin after the chin to the forehead and then extends to all face [Music]
  • 01:01: the first place to work is the lymph line just in front of the ear use your finger to put pressure soft in front of the ear following the lymph line up to the neck this is the preparation for the massage of the outline is nike repeated three times from the front of the ear massage up to the neck [Music] as you have linfen your neck too
  • 01:33: you have to put some pressure when neck massage down we're going to start our massage from the front place your fingers in the middle of the front and press gently take in mind that it must be soft or first room 100 and from there to the clavicle repeat these three times the laws then we will do the massage for eyes of
  • 02:13: the corner of the outside of the eyes Use your finger to massage under the eyes until you reach the inner corner of the eye then extends from the corner of the eyes outside [Music] pressures gently towards 100 with your fingers and then down to the Clavicle repeats a total of three times [Music] this movement can improve the
  • 02:49: inflammation and eye bags [Music] then we are going to do a massage in the part that is around the mouth this movement will help the corners of your lips rise starts in the middle part of the chin the fingers are going to massage both corners of the lip coming just below
  • 03:20: the nose and make this move three times in the two corners of the mouth towards the bottom of the nose with more pressure we start from the middle part of the chin fingers are going to massage both corners of the mouth until you get below of the nose where you can pressure additional g now we go to the massage on the fins of the nose of the letter of the nose let's mold the nose arch this
  • 03:50: movement can strengthen the muscle in this part of the face further towards up and down several times to then it goes under the eyes until you reach the top of the lymph and massage up to the clavicle now place your fingers on the chin going through the corners of the lips
  • 04:20: after passing the fins of the nose moving your fingers to the corners inside of the eyes this movement can eliminate fat extra face and improve the creases Nasal lip repeats this movement three times you start from the chin peace the corners of the lips go through nose ticket reaching the inner corner of the eyes and press and for three seconds [Music] now move your hands both ends of the face following the path of the lymph
  • 04:51: up to the clavicle many people have extra fat in this area so you have to use more pressure but at the same time find a balance between pain and a feeling comforting this step we start on one side of the chin massaging diagonally in one movement towards the inner skin of the eyes this movement can improve the lines that form on the sides of the nose also known as lip folds nasal and can also raise a
  • 05:22: letter posted you repeat steps three times [Music] the struggles the same movement on the other side of the nose otherwise touch will be chueta softly with pressure to the inner corner of your eye then press towards his ear and massage towards the clavicle does this happened three times also after we go to
  • 05:53: massaging folds salts laviana first pressure on both sides of the letter of the nose press to release great trapped then make a straight movement both ends of the face pressing the Clavicle makes this movement three Sometimes this movement can prevent
  • 06:25: eliminate the nasal lips creases you'll see how these lines are going to go for always then we will improve the condition of the Popular chin area starts in both fins of the nose this is the relaxed part of the muscles of the face Use the soft part of your thumb and place in the area and move horizontally
  • 06:56: towards the lymph until the clavicle repeats this step three times [Music] lolo