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How to Make the KEY UNDER ALL LOCKS \/ how to make a key for all locks  See details »

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  • 00:00: all welcome to its channel and Today, I'll teach you how to pick locks often arises situation when you do not You can go home because you either lost keys or shut door there a large number of types of castles but we now consider most common of them it cylinder lock Here's how it looks Such locks are almost everywhere and all attachments locks is cylindrically I
  • 00:30: I will show all an example of this here padlock many people think that pick the lock is very hard and it can do only professional but I Now you prove that it can make anyone Here we see the castle
  • 01:11: opened just a Five seconds before the while we make lockpicks we are consider the principle work cylindrical castle Now it looks like this inside gold lock Cylinders which we see painted over animation gray orange painted over the castle itself yellow red color plotted pins are not give turn cylinder and respectively open the lock our task of raising yellow pins to such
  • 01:41: level to be in the castle above cylinder and then we We can turn it and correspondingly open the lock and so let's get us You need a hammer Needle file or files pliers and steel wire 2 millimeter take steel wire, and We make a mark in 4 millimeters from the edge and bend it a little pliers and flatten via wire hammer buy now do its a little less of the
  • 02:14: chef with a file here like this we should get here we did lockpick to raise pins on the cylinder now we do blinker to rotate the cylinder and open the lock We take this one wire cut and bends it with two sides 90 degrees here and so is itself flattened her little hammer That's basically all Friends let us now
  • 02:44: We begin to practice insert lock blinker and attach a small cylinder on tyah turning aside the key Here we see the cylinder we have a little I turned on insert depth master key lock and pushing the pin and pulls it out and We see the castle we opens but so it looks as you can see from the inside it is very easy as I promised hope you all I understand as much as possible available at trying
  • 03:14: explain everything subscribe to my the channel will continue to a lot of steep vidos so do not forget and put the Huskies You can sign in group VKontakte to new meetings